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“Mysticism and exaggeration go together.  A mystic must not fear ridicule if he is to push all the way to the limits of humility or the limits of delight.” Milan Kundera

Moon leaves Verifiable Virgo for Idealistic Libra (5:02 am EDT). Love Goddess Venus is in the Private Parts of Scorpio. Sex Lord Mars is in Relationship Libra and forming an exact harmonious trine to Mystical Neptune in Let’s All Get Along Aquarius. Holy Jupiter and Humanistic Uranus are melodiously chanting away in Spiritual Pisces.

“All of a sudden, we are madly turned on by mystics, and finding celibate monks, very sexy.”

(Mars-Neptune can represent “platonic-type” relationships.)

On This Day in History: On September 9, 1971, John Lennon releases his “Imagine” album. Warrior Mars is stationing direct in Humanitarian Aquarius harmoniously trining Futuristic Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) in Peace-Loving Libra. “Mars-Uranus” in the air signs is all about ushering in a “new social order of the day.”

Mental Mercury is at 29 degrees of Entertaining Leo, a critical degree of creative self-expression, exactly squaring Expansive Jupiter at 29 degrees of Transformational Scorpio (another “turning-point” degree).  Mercury was also squaring Dreamy Neptune, just one degree away from Jupiter, at 0 degrees of Optimistic Sagittarius. The intellectual milieu or mindset of this day (Mercury) was very ambitious and lofty (Jupiter conjunct Neptune). Concerned with focusing on the “unifying big picture.”

A Jupiter and Neptune conjunction is always, at its noblest, a very mystical, inspirational time, if not somewhat surrealistic, as Jupiter rules the urge for expansion and Otherworldly Neptune rules the expression of the divine.  We are theoretically able to channel in “the most splendid way,” our higher impulses, when this particular aspect is in effect. Neptune also symbolically represents a “dissolution of all boundaries,” effectively “living as one,” which is what “Imagine’s” lyrics are, of course, centered around.

Needless to say, the energy in the sky, the day the “Imagine” album was released, was ideally very “conducive” for the manifestation of “peaceful conditions,” and for contemplating the “imagined dawning” of a new “brotherhood of man.” With the album released on that day in time, too, those energies of that time period will always be connected, or “celestially stamped,” with the “Imagine” album, similar to how a horoscope works for an individual.

Interestingly, the “Mars-Neptune” energy that we have today is similar to the energy that we had back then.  It’s very transcendent and powerful in nature. Mars serves to aggressively activate and fuel the Neptunian portals of our imagination, and also provides us with a deep longing and desire for inclusion into the perceived “higher realms,” where we all purportedly live and move “as one.” This Mars-Neptune energy is also extremely creative, in addition to being very spiritual. Fascinatingly, John Lennon also had “Mars conjunct Neptune” in his personal horoscope and was born under the sun-sign of Libra, “the peacemaker.”

“You may say that I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one.” John Lennon (Mars-Neptune)

NEWS UPDATE: With Warrior Mars exactly trining “Sea-Ruling” Neptune, U.S. Marines boarded and seized control of a German ship south of Yemen today, that had earlier been captured by Pirates.  High adventure playing out on the sea!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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