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“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.” Amanda Cross


Moon leaves “Matrimonial Libra” for “Let Me Surgically Cut Out Whatever Ails You” Scorpio (5:22 am EDT). The knife-wielding Scorpio Moon also conjoins “Love Maven” Venus (8:55 am EDT) and sextiles “Master Wrinkle-Remover” Pluto.

“With the Moon’s entrance into ‘Rejuvenating’ Scorpio we have an abundance of ’emotionally-transforming’ energy to tap into. Since the Moon is also making harmonious aspects to ‘Beautifying’ Venus and ‘Let’s Cut Right Down To The Bone’ Pluto, this is an ideal time to consider a total ‘Love Makeover’ to ‘jazz things up.’

We’re talking the works here: Thick black mascara on our hearts for a sense of theater and drama. Advance formula concealer on the foundations of our relationships, so we will be oblivious to any ‘thorny issues,’ should they arise later. Some red rouge and bright red lipstick on our commitments, so when we’re tempted to cheat, we’ll immediately think to ‘stop,’ and step on the brakes. Unless, of course, the temptation is in the guise of George Clooney, in which case, we’ll have to humbly kneel, at our partner’s feet, and beg their mercy and forgiveness. Surely, they’ll understand.” (“Honey, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity with George.”)

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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