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Cosmic Weather:

We have a big costume change midway through the day, today! 🙂

First Half: We start out our Thursday with the waxing Moon still in sensitive, go with the flow Pisces. So granting ourselves perhaps a few moments of blissful solitude can be a perfect way for us to get gently centered in the rhythm of the day. The Pisces Moon is also void-of-course for over 7 hours today (from 3:15 am until 2:44 pm, when it ingresses into Aries), meaning it’s probably best to put off starting new projects until this void period is over.

Second Half: Once Luna rockets into fiery Aries, this afternoon, we’re once again cleared for taking direct action and generating exciting new beginnings.

With the reflective Moon also governing our emotional responses, in Aries the ram we tend to react quickly and impatiently to things, which can result in our potentially being more confrontational. Too, engaging in physical activity, such as working out at the gym, is often a great way to diffuse any tension we may be feeling now.

Shortly after the Moon enters Aries it also forms a waxing square to expansive Jupiter, still newly installed in ambitious, authoritarian Capricorn (4:09 pm). Luna squaring Jupiter tends to inflate our self-confidence or sense of self-importance. Nothing wrong with this unless we perhaps end up taking on, or committing to, more than we can handle. We are also possibly more apt to having philosophical differences with others now. On the plus side, this aspect can teach us how to become more tolerant, but only if we’re willing to entertain different points of view. Sometimes, too, when Jupiter is afflicted by aspect, it takes on a very zealous quality which, on the shadow side, can make us more narrow-minded, arrogant, or self-righteous in our beliefs.

“Once you create a self-justifying storyline, your emotional entrapment within it quadruples.” Pema Chodron

Numerologically, it’s a “five” day which can also be very energetic and mentally restless. The challenge is to find a way to contain the energy in a productive way. There’s also somewhat of a rebel or non-conforming vibe to the number 5.

*All times EST.

Born On This Day: Walt Disney, in 1901, animator and co-founder of the Walt Disney Company.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. – Walt Disney

Hope it’s a good one!

Patrice Thompson

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