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Good news! We’re closing out the workweek (or play week) with the “wind at our back” via the enterprising, self-confident Moon in Aries’ waxing trine to the visionary Sun in Sagittarius (8:04 pm). This is very motivating and inspiring energy that can compel us to take whatever action is necessary to turn a dream into reality.

Ideally, the Moon trining the Sun generates a feeling of ease or natural harmony between our body and spirit.

“A good way to think of your physical body is that it is the result of your energy, your emotions, your mind and your soul.” Catherine Carrigan

Numerologically, it’s also “6” day, which is associated with a desire for peace, love, and harmony, and wanting to be of service to others. Too, the shadow side to this number can make us act a bit like a “mother hen,” in the sense that we can become too meddling or intrusive in other people’s lives. So we may have to dial it back some, especially if people start giving us strange looks. 🙂

*All times EST.

Born On This Day: American jazz pianist and “Take Five” composer Dave Brubeck, in 1920 (d. in 2012).

“No dictatorship can tolerate jazz. It is the first sign of a return to freedom.” Dave Brubeck

Hope it’s a good one!

Patrice Thompson

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