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A First Quarter Moon occurs in reflective Pisces today (1:59 am). This phase of the Moon (when Luna squares the Sun) normally requires us to take some sort of action in order to solidify or strengthen our New Moon vision or intentions. However, with the Moon also conjunct ethereal Neptune this morning (10:18 am), the modern-day ruler of Pisces, there could be a bit of inner uncertainty or confusion on how best to proceed. This also brings to mind what Benjamin Franklin once said: When in doubt, don’t!

Meanwhile, we could also come to a new awareness today that what we’ve been believing or assuming is the truth (Sun in Sagittarius) may be much more nuanced (Moon in Pisces) than we originally thought.

Numerologically, today is also a “four” day, suggesting a keen desire to lay down a foundation (such as the First Quarter Moon also implies). Guess we just need to be careful that we’re not building “castles in the air!” 🙂

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Born On This Day: Scottish philosopher, historian, and writer Thomas Carlyle, in 1795.

Under all speech that is good for anything, there lies a silence that is better. Silence is deep as Eternity; speech is shallow as Time. Thomas Carlyle

Hope it’s a good one!

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