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“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Aristotle

Mercury the messenger in methodical, practical Capricorn the Goat is getting ready to wind up its stay in Capricorn, where it has been since January 5th. But, before it does that, very early tomorrow, it’s going to square Uranus in Aries today (6:13 am). Mercury and Uranus both have an affinity for one another as Uranus is considered to be the higher octave of Mercury. Uranus, as a transpersonal planet, however, is more focused on our abstract or objective perceptions, while Mercury, as one of the personal planets, tends to be more concerned with such things as speaking, communication, and general awareness itself. Uranus also governs technology.

On those days of the year when Mercury and Uranus align, our thinking is potentially more brilliant, more insightful, more original. We may be able to grasp more complex concepts that might have eluded us before. Our perceptions may be lightning-fast, peppered with sudden intuitions. The shadow side of the Mercury-Uranus square is sometimes we may feel more scattered or restless in our thinking and judgment, which can cause us to miss important details. Our nervous systems, which are ruled by Mercury, could potentially also become more highly charged now due to the more electrifying, jolting vibration of Uranus.

Today is also a test drive, of sorts, for Mercury as it will be entering Uranus-ruled Aquarius tomorrow (12:50 am), which is the sign of Mercury’s exaltation. Mercury’s favorite place to hang out!

The Moon is also in fastidious Virgo now so don’t be surprised if you feel a strong, passionate urge to tidy things up! The Moon will also trine Saturn in Capricorn tonight (8:56 pm), a very stabilizing influence that is excellent for organizing our affairs.

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Famous People with Mercury Square Uranus: Tim Cook, Carrie Underwood, David Letterman, Drew Carey.

Famous January 23 Birthdays: John Hancock, Edouart Manet, Chesley Sullenberger.

“All of us have to find the courage to leave the shore. That means leaving the crutch of our lifelong complaints and resentments, or our unhappiness over our upbringing or our bodies or whatever. It means no longer focusing negative energy on things beyond our control. It means looking beyond the safety of the familiar.” Chesley Sullenberger

This Date in History: On January 23, 1973, US President Richard Nixon announced an accord had been reached to end the Vietnam War. Regarding the astrology that day, expansive, philosophical Jupiter, which symbolizes higher understanding and a bigger picture point of view, was in realistic, pragmatic Capricorn, the sign of government. It was also exactly square Uranus, the planet of sudden breakthroughs and new approaches, at 23 degrees of diplomatic Libra. Negotiator Mercury had also just entered innovative Aquarius, that day.

UPDATED 1/23/19 4:30 pm: With Communicator Mercury exactly square spontaneous Uranus in Aries today, Nancy Pelosi has reportedly gone ahead and canceled the address! A first in US history! In Mercury rules speeches, while Uranus signifies the unexpected and breaks with tradition. Mercury also represents the news media, which are all abuzz now with this unfolding story! 🙂

Hope you enjoy your day! Bask in your brilliance!

Patrice Thompson

Lightning, Strike, Night, Storm, Bolt

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