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“The truth must be quite plain, if one could just clear away the litter.” Agatha Christie


With today’s Moon in “investigative” Scorpio, digging below the surface is likely the best strategy by which to play the day and, hopefully, come out the insightful victor in the game of life in the process. As Aldous Huxley once wrote, “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

The Moon’s trine to “philosophical” Jupiter (1:56 pm EST) also seems to be a big boon for us here as it can help us to put any lingering or bothersome minutia (facts) into a larger, understandable context that feels very freeing or expansive. Moon trine Jupiter is a classic aspect of “opportunity.”

Later, the Moon’s conjunction with “utilitarian” Saturn (7:58 pm EST) reveals to us the infinite, ageless wisdom of “conserving our resources.”

People protect what they love.” Jacques Yves Cousteau

How might “the truth” set you free today?

Famous December 28th Birthdays: Denzel Washington, John Gray, Gayle King.

“We’re all spending way too much of our time and energy trying to fight the stuff we can’t change.” Gayle King.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Patrice Thompson

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