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“All of our reasoning ends in surrender to feeling.” Blaise Pascal

The Moon enters “contemplative” Pisces today (12:58 am EDT) and immediately forms  a potent conjunction to Neptune, the ruler of Pisces (2:06 am EDT). This is the first time this has occurred here in about 150 years.  With this double-dose of  “Neptunian energy”  mystically engulfing us, there can be more of a desire to surrender to “unseen forces.” Neptune, of course, denotes our “link with the Divine.” It also represents our “urge for escape (fantasy),” and the impulse to avoid confrontation.

Ironically, with this more “retreating” Pisces Moon backdrop, we also have the more “high-drama” Venus square Pluto aspect (3:19 am EDT), which is, potentially, a more conflicting, confrontational type energy, that is linked with “depth of feeling” and “all-consuming” passion. Venus, again, rules love and relationships, and money and what we value. Pluto governs our “urge for reform” and also the “desire to purge.” It is tied in with power, control, erotica and sexual issues, compulsive-type behavior and feelings of obsession. Pluto also symbolically rules death. Its vibration is intense and laser-focused.

Often when we merge these two, with the “square” aspect often “forcing matters,” we see, on the shadow side, the emergence of some very thorny relationship, or money issues, especially if we are acting in a self-serving manner. It is suggested that, to avoid giving a platform to these problematic issues, we wisely refrain now from engaging in manipulative (Pluto) or controlling behavior and avoid deliberately pushing “hot button” topics. This also extends to the professional front, as Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign of career.

On another level, though, Venus-Pluto does sometimes have a healing or redemptive quality to it, and can also mark the beneficial ending (Pluto) of a personal or business relationship (Venus) that is no longer useful to us, or that has simply outlived its purpose. Moving on from such a tie now may actually be a potent way to “regenerate” (Pluto) ourselves.

To cite, perhaps, a high-profile example of this: Yesterday, on the eve of this aspect, came word that CBS Evening News Anchor, Katie Couric, would be leaving that post at CBS, when her contract expires at the end of June. Katie, a Capricorn, debuted as nightly news anchor when Saturn in entertainment Leo was exactly opposite hazy, dissolving Neptune in Aquarius (sign of broadcasting). The ratings for the program have never been very good. Often with Saturn-Neptune we experience more “ego-denying” experiences. Saturn-Neptune energy is often depicted as a time when the “rug is pulled out” from under us, a period when we do not receive the kind of support that we need.

Meanwhile, we also have a powerful “Sun trine Pluto” aspect today, with the Sun in pragmatic Taurus, the sign of money. This can also suggest that we can successfully make some practical (Taurus) reforms (Pluto) in our lives now. It also gives us more resolve to tackle difficult issues head-on with determination and courage. Sun trine Pluto can additionally bring about more “transparency,” as it can illuminate (Sun) previously hidden matters (Pluto). Although, we may want to be careful now that we don’t also “spill the beans” on things that we don’t want revealed.

Coincidentally, as I am writing this, a news report has just come out that the White House has released President Obama’s “long form” birth certficate today (transparency), in a bid to end a long-standing public controversy on whether or not he was not born in the U.S.  (The birth certificate shows that he was.) Also, today will be the very first time that the Federal Reserve (Taurus) has ever held a “press conference,” with Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, set to be grilled by the media. The Central Bank has traditionally operated with a high-level of secrecy (Pluto). Pluto also rules debt and credit issues.

Do you maybe feel a need for more transparency (Sun trine Pluto) in your own life today? Do you see where it perhaps could be helpful to you now, to share a secret about yourself, or to divulge some information? Too, sometimes when we do “unload stuff,” we do feel better, more freer. In other words, there can be a decided “cathartic” affect (Pluto) to the whole process.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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