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“My problem lies with reconciling my gross habits with my net income.” Errol Flynn

Cosmic Weather:

Moon continues in acquisition-minded Taurus, which governs money, possessions, and what we esteem or value. Our values, too, can often be decoded by what we spend our money on. We may want to focus now on practical ways to build up our precious nest egg, while simultaneously luxuriating around the house in our silk pajamas eating bon-bons. The Venus-ruled Taurus Moon is all about seeking out decadent pleasure, creature comforts, indulging the physical senses, in addition to having to grapple with the often “weightier issue” of procuring material security, a matter which can often feel like having a big “noose around our neck,” especially in today’s challenging economic climate.

Things to think about today: Are we satisfied with our present financial situation? Do we have enough money coming into our household to meet our daily needs, and to also lead the lifestyle that we desire? Too, are we grateful for the things that we already have in our life? Are we managing our resources diligently, or do we squander our money? Are there any steps that we can maybe take now to make our lives more materially-secure?

Also, in our quest for material abundance, should we try, perhaps, to get on the Oprah Show, before she goes off the air, in hopes that she will be characteristically playing Santa again in the near future? Maybe we should also go so far as to suggest to Oprah, maybe through an email to her website, oprah.com, that she make every future Oprah show, this 2011 season, a yuletide-spirited “favorite things show,” since this is, sadly, her last go round (aside, of course, from OWN), and that lucky Jupiter is still technically and philanthropically aligned with Oprah’s ruling planet, Uranus, which also rules broadcasting (Oprah is an Aquarian). Point out to her that it is “clearly written in the stars” for her to keep playing a generous Santa-type role now, since Jupiter rules Santa Claus, and she is in Uranian-ruled broadcasting, and these two planets are together now.

Also, make her existentially aware of the fact that this same “Jupiter-Uranus configuration” is the very “believe in miracles” thing that she is always alluding to in her insightful, consciousness-raising dialogue with us. Don’t anyone say, either, that this is “too much of a stretch” here, about the possible Oprah involvement or rescue in our lives. We have all simply got to believe this, in order to achieve it! Jupiter-Uranus in visionary Pisces is about dreaming, and hope for a bright future, especially one with Hugh Jackman in Australia. We can’t help it if lovely, dear Oprah, just happens to be part of the equation. Simultaneously, we are very glad and thankful that she is. 🙂

It’s very cool, too, that when the magical Jupiter-Uranus aspect was exact to the minute last week, “St. Nick” Oprah publicly discussed making “Ted Williams,” an ex-radio announcer, the official voice of the OWN network. Not sure if this is going to happen, but we have got to love Ted’s timing! Surfacing when he did, thanks to that fortuitous, caring newspaper guy at the Columbus Dispatch, originally spotting him, and later going to bat for him by posting his encounter with Ted via a Pisces-ruled video on the Uranian-ruled internet. Uranus also rules radio announcers, with the Jupiter-Uranus aspect here, helping to miraculously sweeten Ted’s lot. So glad for all the success and love swirling around Ted Williams.

(Since originally writing the above on Monday, Ted has reportedly entered rehab for his alleged addiction problems. Apparently, with prompting from television’s Dr. Phil. Jupiter’s intrinsic nature can be protective, and aligned with Uranus, there can be a sudden “awakening” and swift movement in our affairs. Pisces also happens to govern rehabilitation and rehab centers. Neptune, Pisces’ ruler, is associated with addiction and dependencies.  Hopefully, Ted will now be able to acquire the care that his spirit maybe needs, so that he can continue positively on his path. To go from homelessness, to overnight celebrity on a world-stage, I believe, would be very stressful for most of us.

Another thing that I think has been enlightening about this Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Pisces now, on more of a collective basis, is that by hearing about Ted’s story, hearing about his struggles over the years, and his battle with his addictions, we are becoming keenly reminded again about the matter of addictions, a Pisces-related subject. (Too, of course, there has been the ongoing, high-profile story of Lindsey Lohan and her alleged addiction problems.)

So many of us privately suffer from addictions, whether to food, drugs, sex, etc. Also, ironically while writing/updating this right now, I just came across a news story that said that Oprah reportedly told Piers Morgan in an interview that she coped with depression, at one time, by eating “30 pounds of mac n’ cheese!” This overeating or binging by Oprah reportedly was a way of coping for her, in the face of her movie, “The Beloved,” flopping at the box office, sending her into a temporary, downward, emotional spiral. Also kind of weird here: Ted Williams just made those four Kraft Macaroni and Cheese commercials last week, as part of his newly-found fame. Could there be a possible Jupiter-Uranus connection to all this? The plot thickens! Or, would we be more technically correct here by saying, “the cheese melts?” 🙂 Hopefully, too, Oprah won’t be tempted again to fall off the wagon, with the mac n’ cheese, despite Ted’s inadvertently “rubbing her nose in it” by recording the commercials.

In addition to representing addictions, Pisces also denotes those persons who are disenfranchised or downtrodden. Or maybe confined, hidden away. Or people who are simply “down on their luck,” with their voices suppressed or muted, or problematic, for one reason or another. Perhaps some of these individuals lead more nomadic type lifestyles i.e. are homeless, like Ted Williams. Or, it could be that they are mentally or physically ill. Also, of course, there is the very tragic matter of that shooter in Tucson, allegedly suffering from serious mental illness, who has suddenly come on all our radar screens now in the worst possible way. The “Pisces” experience often symbolizes that part of life that we prefer not to think about, or psychologically visit. As it can show us our limitations, our afflictions. Our pain and desperation.

Pisces, as a level of experience, however, can also nobly point out to us the deep need, both individually and collectively, for having sympathy and extending compassion. Reminding us of the basic fact of life on the earth plane: That, in the end, we are all “our brother’s keeper.” That it is also not always a wise idea to prematurely “assign judgment or blame.” That we are all vulnerable, from time to time, in our lives. That we can also all thrive and benefit sometimes from an angelic, caring, helping hand. Sometimes even a simple smile, or a kind word, can give someone infinite hope and faith and help someone to rise above the ashes.)

“He who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.” St. Basil.

Patrice Thompson

(c) Copyright 2011

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