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With the Full Moon in “Grounded” Taurus (12:28 pm EST) on Sunday, our focus shifts to more practical concerns. Taurus, the sign of money and possessions, characteristically goads us on to seek sustenance and refuge in “all things material.” Perhaps this Full Moon placement will work out to be a nice sales primer for retail merchants this holiday shopping season.

The Moon in “Venus-ruled” Taurus can also be very “self-indulgent” and “pleasure-seeking.”  So, with the Full Moon here we may want to engage in some “self-pampering.” Possibly unwinding with a full body massage. Feasting on decadent, dark chocolate.

Too, this Taurus Full Moon is aligned with “Fantasy” Neptune which can make us long for things and experiences that are glittery and glamorous, no matter if they are only “make believe.”

It could be that how this all plays out is, when we are out and about doing our holiday shopping, we may suddenly have a “fanciful urge” to dial up George Clooney (who, by the way, is a Taurus), and invite him over to our heavenly pad for hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies during the midnight hour. 🙂

Or, maybe outside of Macy’s, when we look up in the sky, Darling George will be there, dressed up as Santa Claus, beckoning us to join him for a jolly sleigh ride among the clouds. How can we resist?

Or, maybe some of us will sit on that other Santa’s lap at Macy’s, and lovingly whisper in his ear (while also bribing him with a $20 bill), that we would really like for him to put George Clooney, unwrapped, for quick assembly, under our Holiday Tree.

Yes, a girl’s gotta’ dream! Especially with wicked, seductive Neptune deliciously prompting us now, and the “Earthy” and “Sensual” Taurus Full Moon penetrating our vulnerable, delicate psyches. Plus, “Love Goddess” Venus is direct again now in Romantic Libra and also trine “Imaginary Lover” Neptune. We can’t miss!

“George, George, George. Don’t despair. We will be with you shortly. To emotionally rescue you under the safe haven of the merry mistletoe. Try to hang in there, my friend.”

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

Source Notes:

Rolling Stones Emotional Rescue YouTube Video

photo: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1246518

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