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(Full Moon in Taurus at 19 degrees 51 minutes of Taurus)

We have a Full Moon in placid, sustaining Taurus, this morning (8:34 am), always a perfect time to slow down, catch our breath, tune into the ages-old, supportive wisdom of our bodies, interact with Mother Nature. The sign of Taurus governs or symbolizes our feelings of abundance, security, our values. It’s basically linked to what we love, and how we like to spend our time.

The “keeping it simple” Moon in Taurus is also a natural counter to the more “multi-layered, crisis-oriented” Sun in Scorpio. Today’s lunation is about balancing and integrating both of these opposing energies within us. There may also be more of a preoccupation now with solidifying our sense of emotional security, especially in the context of home and family. We may also be balancing out, or specifying, “what is mine” and “what is yours”, on a practical level, in partnerships, as well as distinguishing what it is that we wish to “share together.”

Full Moons also tend to bring matters to a climax, or fruition. What was begun at the New Moon in investigative Scorpio, a couple weeks ago, is now ripening, or coming to completion. Full Moons also can reveal or yield secrets, hidden mysteries.

Aspect-wise, today’s Full Moon in solid Taurus forms flowing trines to both regenerating Pluto and structuring Saturn in utilitarian Capricorn, suggesting we have an excellent chance now to deal with any transitions, before us, in a very pragmatic, determined, and resourceful way. The Moon-Pluto energy also very nicely ties into, or bridges, the more intense Scorpio Sun energy, with Pluto being the modern-day ruler of Scorpio. We can still go deep (Scorpio) with things now, but there’s less risk of emotional obsessions or fixations (Pluto) with the trine aspect. Normally, too, Moon-Pluto helps to foster feelings of empowerment.

We also are potentially feeling more intuitive, more inspired, more connected now to our link with divinity, or to our Source, or to the Universe, as the Taurus Full Moon is sextile to mystical Neptune in Pisces. Making it much easier for us to naturally lean into our reservoir of inner faith, like a trusty guide, to get us through whatever we are facing. Moon-Neptune is also terrific for any creative endeavors and for inciting our compassion,

The Taurus Moon’s opposition to logical Mercury in probing Scorpio also gives us an opportunity to analyze our emotions, or to do a “heart and head” check with ourselves, to see how we stand on things. Worst case scenario, it can make us a little more scattered, mentally.

What’s also a big extra perk for us today, in addition to the delightful Full Moon in Taurus (one of the best lunations of the year), is we have energizing Mars, in relationship-building Libra, forming a closing sextile to expansive Jupiter in adventurous Sagittarius (1:21 pm), which is also one of the last major aspects to Jupiter before it leaves futuristic Sagittarius, early next month. This aspect has “Can Do!” written all over it! It’s especially super energy for attending to all those Jupiter in Sadge projects we’ve been meaning to do (writing, publishing, travel plans, evangelizing, etc) but just haven’t gotten around to yet. Additionally, it’s excellent energy for dealing with issues of diversity, inclusion, fairness, and equality under the law. It can help inspire us to open or clear pathways, so we can all work together more harmoniously or cooperatively. Also very good for such things as PR and marketing.

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Full Moon Blessings to you!

Patrice Thompson

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