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(Scorpio Sun conjuncts Mercury Rx at 18 degrees, 10:21 am EST)

We’re at the midway point of the Mercury Rx cycle today, with intellectual Mercury in “inferior conjunction” with the illuminating Scorpio Sun. Ideally, this configuration provides us with an important turning point regarding much of the interior work (the rethinking, reviewing, purging or letting go) that we’ve been doing since communicator Mercury first stationed retrograde in Scorpio, on October 31st. Kind of like, all of a sudden, what has been coming up for us lately, via our subconscious or our own inner knowing, is now beginning to make a whole lot more sense to us. We’re also, hopefully, as a byproduct of this newfound mental clarity, gaining a better handle on what future actions we may need to take (once this Mercury Rx cycle is completed) to facilitate our soul’s journey.

Too, today might be an excellent time to sit quietly with ourselves and meditate or do some breath work or journaling. Or, we may want to draw a Tarot card or two for special insight. Whatever activity that helps to make us feel more connected to our intuition, to Source, to the Universe. The Moon is also in calming, grounding Taurus, all day (on its way to it Full Phase, tomorrow morning), which can make it much easier for us to tune into the wisdom of our body or our five senses, to be more fully present in the moment.

Numerologically, today is also a very special day, with it being an 11:11 day. In ancient times, the number 11 was associated with rites of passage or initiation. If you also add up the numbers of today – 11/11/2019 – they reduce down to 16, which reduces down to 7, which is the number of the seeker, or the searcher of truth. A very nice adjoining to today’s, path-clearing, Sun-Mercury conjunction.

Astronomically, today’s Mercury transit of the Sun (a mini-eclipse) is also a rather rare event that generally happens only about 13 times a century. The last time this transit occurred was in 2016. It won’t happen again until 2032.

Hope it’s a good one!

Patrice Thompson

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