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“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” Carl Jung

With motivating Mars and spontaneous Uranus coming to a conjunction, early tomorrow morning (1:19 am), at 29 degrees of trailblazing Aries, we may feel more of an urgent desire to take some kind of finalizing action(s) now, in a bid to change or reshuffle our world, or to attempt to deal with ongoing or fast-developing situations. Embracing new approaches, or fashioning new responses, may especially be what is required of us here. When planets reach the end of a zodiacal sign, there’s also usually a culmination of activities, or a type of summation occurring, of whatever has transpired while the planet(s) has been progressing through the sign. It’s also possible that the kind of action (Mars) we take now will be something that serves to make us feel freer or more unencumbered (Uranus) as individuals. Or that, perhaps, helps to further showcase our individuality, or unique achievements.

Ideally, on a collective level, actions may also be taken now that are seemingly more liberating or cutting-edge for the collective as a whole, as Uranus is a transpersonal planet that can affect major societal or cultural changes or reforms. Additionally, Mars-Uranus energy can also denote taking measures to preserve our existing freedoms. Mars enters earthy, stabilizing Taurus on Valentine’s Day, and Uranus re-enters Taurus on March 6th. after initially wading into the sign for a few months, last year.

On the shadow side, Mars conjunct Uranus can sometimes trigger greater feelings of restlessness, impulsiveness, and impatience. It can foster unpredictability, in general. Collectively, it’s associated with uprisings, revolts, and or a general state of lawlessness. As a quality or kind of energy, Mars-Uranus is often described as being highly combustible in nature, either in a literal sense, such as a fire or an explosion. Or, symbolically, such as blowing our fuses, temperment-wise. At any rate, it’s probably not a good time to tinker around with electrical wiring for amusement now, unless you know what you are doing. Even then…

Earth is a small town with many neighborhoods in a very big universe.” Ron Garan

On May 12, 1930, Mars and Uranus were also exactly conjunct in pioneering Aries when The Adler Planetarium opened to the public in Chicago, Illinois. The opening of The Adler Planetarium was a very big deal, at the time, because it was the very first planetarium in the Western Hemisphere.  Uranus, as the modern day ruler of Aquarius, governs such things as astronomy, astrophysics, and space travel. Interestingly, retired astronaut Mark Kelly also announced today that he is running for the U.S. Senate in Arizona, potentially injecting a “hands-on” otherworldly view of things into the public arena. 

“Man has gone out to explore other worlds and other civilizations without having explored his own labyrinth of dark passages and secret chambers, and without finding what lies behind doorways that he himself has sealed.” – Stanislaw Lem

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