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“It is easier to live life through someone else than to become complete yourself.” Betty Friedan


The industrious, capable Capricorn Moon sagely advises us to invest in ourselves. To grow our abilities. Perfect our skills. So that we may make a worthwhile contribution to the collective, while also mastering the art of self-reliance.

Too, don’t we all like applause and praise? A pat on the back for a job well done? With the Moon’s square to “withholding” Saturn (5:40 pm EST), it could be that we may have to be our own cheering section today. That others may not take notice, or comment favorably on our achievements. Are we okay with that?

Also, the powerful Sun and warrior Mars continue their tight conjunction in change-oriented Aquarius, an invigorating, but more volatile aspect that has been around for several days. This aspect will be exact on Friday. This influence tends to fires us up. Makes us more predisposed to restructuring or altering our world (Aquarius). We are much more amenable to trying out new methods and procedures, even though we still have planets and the Moon in traditionalist Capricorn.

Of course, we have also been witnessing the chaos and political upheaval in Egypt, this past week, while this potent Sun-Mars aspect has been in effect. Thousands of people have been injured and reportedly over 100 persons killed.

Mars rules the aggressive urge (war), and the Sun, through the conjunction, is fueling that urge. Aquarius is also the sign that rules “group expression,” with Mars energizing that expression now. Sun-Mars in Aquarius can be viewed as “power for the people.” Aquarius is a sign of freedom and reform. Aquarius puts the needs of the collective, over the needs of individuals. Diverse factions unite to rally for their causes. Also, in the horoscope for modern Egypt, transiting Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) at 27 degrees of Pisces is exactly square to the 27 degree natal Gemini Sun, suggesting an overhaul (Uranus) of the leadership (Sun). Too, demonstrations are planned in other countries in the Middle East in the coming days.

Expansive Jupiter is also now in Mars-ruled Aries. It will be there for the next few months. Jupiter in Aries can be personally liberating for many of us, in that it can endow us with a greater sense of self-confidence (Aries) and less fear, resulting in personal growth and the seizing of new opportunities. It can, however, simultaneously be a more potentially combative placement for us, in that we are often more willing to fight (Aries) or stand up for our beliefs (Jupiter). Aries is very courageous and brave. It is the sign of action, sometimes militant action. Sometimes overly impulsive, hasty action. Mars rules soldiers and the military, and vigilantism.

Famous Birthdays January 31st: Justin Timberlake (30), Minnie Driver (40)

“I have 20,000 girlfriends all around the world.” Justin Timberlake

Patrice Thompson

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