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“I may be going nowhere, but what a ride.” Shaun Hick



Relationship Venus races into “spontaneous” Aries, today, following the lead set by action-oriented Mars, yesterday. The emotional Moon also hooks up with this energetic, dynamic duo in Aries, later this evening. Ideally, this supercharged lineup inspires us to seek out newness, freshness in our lives now, perhaps in some marvelous, impromptu way, with Aries the official sign of new beginnings. How we individually decide to go about this, of course, is entirely up to us. It may also depend on how eager we are for things to be different, or changed around us.

Too, it could be that Venus in Aries primes us to be more direct or assertive in our relationships, for the next few weeks. More willing to take chances with our pulsating, tender heart, which might simply translate into our being more flirty, more daring to make the first move with someone we’ve perhaps just met. That kind of forward behavior, in itself, can also be akin to an act of courage for some of us not accustomed to acting in such an outgoing manner. Or, for those of us in existing relationships, we may want to do something out of the ordinary, that will basically spice them up a bit. Of course, I’m sure we all have our own cache of intriguing ideas on how this could all ravenously play out!

Venus in Aries is also equated with the concept of self-love, which, at its finest, allows us to care for our self as we would a good friend, with unconditional support and only the noblest of intentions for their welfare. Even in the Bible, with the ten commandments, we are commanded to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Done right, self-love can be a powerful game-changer, in the best possible way.

One more thing, on the general topic of Aries. I think that there’s always been something very alluring, very appealing to us about living life in the fast lane (i.e. the “Aries” lane). Maybe it’s something primal inside of us that craves, gets rejuvenated, by the notion of speed, movement. The flirt with danger. I also think that we all share a common fear or worry of coming to the end of our lives and regretting that we did not take enough risks or chances with them, even though intuitively we may have known all along, or at least have strongly suspected, that we were made or wired for greatness, which normally precludes an ample amount of risk-taking on our part. The stellium in “self-made” Aries now is a good time to nudge ourselves forward, along that risk continuum. We also need to pay really close attention to what comes up for us in the process. Too, what I often find most interesting about moving beyond our comfort zone is that things often don’t pan out quite the way that we thought they would in our head, especially regarding the scary things that we thought might happen to us, if we took certain actions. It seems that a lot of our fears are in vain, and a real drain on our brain. The super cool thing about Aries energy, though, is that it challenges us to go eye to eye with whatever is holding us down. And that challenge intrigues us, although at the same time, it may be equally as daunting. Part of the paradox of life, I guess. 🙂

“When you’re bold, some people will think you’re crazy but it’s more insane to be timid” Constance Friday.

Question for Today: What would give you the biggest thrill of your life?

Famous February 20 Birthdays: Kurt Kobain, Charles Barkley, Nancy Wilson, Ansel Adams

 “Sometimes I arrive just when God’s ready to have someone click the shutter.” Ansel Adams

Enjoy your Friday!

Patrice Thompson


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