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“Motivation is the fuel, necessary to keep the human engine running.” Zig Ziglar


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Mars, the energy planet, that inspires us to take action in the real world, enters “pioneering” Aries tonight (7:12 pm EST), the zodiacal sign that it rules, where it will stay until March 31st. Ideally, this placement will supply us with a full tank of “high-octane motivation,” in the coming days and weeks ahead, especially to tackle some of those highly personal projects that we may have had on the back burner, for a while now. Included here, might be a few of those endearing New Year’s resolutions – remember those? – that for, whatever reason, haven’t been allowed to gain much traction in our busy lives.

Also, Aries is the “sign of the self,” so the self-promotion, self-development, self-focus is perfectly acceptable and fully expected now, with Mars moving through this sector of the zodiac. One of my favorite quotes is by Wayne Dyer: “Don’t die with your music still inside you.” Too, unless we make the conscious effort to self-actualize – which Mars in Aries will be encouraging all of us to do now – no one else is going to do it for us. Getting our music “out into the world” is, and always has been, an inside job. And, if we’re lucky, we may catch a break or two, along the way.

Of course, too, it often takes a commitment of real physical energy – actual muscle and sweat – to bring our precious dreams and goals into manifestation, and with Mars holed up in watery, mutable Pisces, since mid-January, for some of us, that actual energetic component may have been sorely lacking, as of late. Mars in “transcendent” Pisces, though, hopefully has been great for nurturing our inner vision, or inner awareness, so now we readily know and recognize the work before us in the outer world that we have to do, must do, if we are going to cultivate and realize our life’s potential, or purpose.

Mars in Aries is, potentially, a grand opportunity for us to really develop and display our courage and leadership abilities. Symbolically, it can act as a strong ally for us in helping us to face down our fears or doubts. On an archetypal level, Mars in Aries awakens our inner “brigadier general,” challenging us to take full command of our lives and our destinies – as much as is humanly possible, of course. Granted, we don’t always hold “all the strings,” but we are in control of the choices that we make and, at the end of the day, that’s pretty heady stuff to command, don’t you think? Author Caroline Myss says “our thoughts and our attitudes” are our true power. Yet, so many of us fail to realize this, until it’s often too late.

Meanwhile, intellectual Mercury in “observational” Aquarius is also sextiling “wise old owl” Saturn, today, in “positive” Sagittarius. This influence is excellent for mentoring others, or for taking someone under our wing to encourage them. It’s also a good time to come up with practical solutions to our problems, culled, of course, from years of our impressive, voluminous experience in the school of hard knocks. 🙂 This aspect also favors concentration and attention to detail. Might also be a good time to look up old friends, or acquaintances.

Question for Today: If I had enough courage, my next step would be to (fill in the blank).

Famous February 19 Birthdays: Smokey Robinson, Nicolaus Copernicus, Lee Marvin

“In the midst of all dwells the Sun. For who could set this luminary in another or better place in this most glorious temple, than whence he can at one and the same time brighten the whole.” Nicolaus Copernicus

Enjoy your Thursday! Happy Chinese New Year – The Year of the Goat!

Patrice Thompson

The Goat

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