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“They spoil every romance by trying to make it last forever.” Oscar Wilde

The Moon in social Libra points us in the direction of relationships. However, Libra’s ruler, sweet Venus, is also making a square to erratic Uranus, the planet of rebellion, so affairs of the heart could be somewhat unsettled. Venus-Uranus is often chocked full of twists and turns. With that said, it may also be wise for us to subdue any of our “wilder impulses” (Uranus) for the time being.

We also have a dynamic, very fortuitous trine today between Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and abundance, in financial Taurus, and rejuvenating Pluto in influential Capricorn. A time for us to aim high and reach for the stars with respect to our professional or career goals. This is also an excellent time for purging and letting go of the past, especially ridding ourselves of self-limiting beliefs and doubts about our capabilities. Jupiter-Pluto is also associated with “mega-wealth” (billionaires) and “mega-power,” making this an ideal time to network with high-profile types who may be able to magically assist us in our ascent to the top.

Interestingly, President Obama is also holding a “bipartisan debt discussion” at the White House today with Republican and Democratic leaders. Pluto is the planet that governs debt. Perhaps Pluto’s alignment with lucky Jupiter, may finally bring about some forward progress on the matter of raising (Jupiter) the debt ceiling (Pluto) in the U.S.

Personal Note: Below is a link to “Buckman Film Academy,” which is my niece, Sarah Nagy’s, film school for children in Portland, Oregon. I thought you may want to check it out. Sarah (a Leo Sun) is also presently selling some of her original artwork on the site. You can go to her site and then click on the “artwork for sale” tab, at the top of the page, and see what she is offering. I think her artwork is very cool. I’m so proud of her, especially the wonderful work that she does with children.


Enjoy your Thursday! Remember to temper those “wild impulses.” 🙂

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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