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“The art of love…is largely the art of persistence.” Albert Ellis

Venus, goddess of love and beauty, is exactly conjunct desire lord Mars in earthy, pampering Taurus today, a potentially very romantic time when we may want to go ahead and try to make an intimate connection with “someone special.” Venus and Mars aligned tends to amplify our desires, making us want to seek out pleasurable activities with others that indulges our senses. It is also an excellent aspect for artistic creativity, especially since this pairing is occurring in talented Taurus, a sign which naturally makes it easier for us to give tangible expression or form to whatever is visualized in our mind’s eye. Gardening is also a favored activity today.

Also, the Moon continues her passage through friendly, civic-minded  Aquarius, additionally encouraging us to reach out and do for others and or espouse causes bigger than ourselves. Love could even blossom in connection with immersion in group matters.

Intellectual Mercury, governing our thinking, is also forming a 150-degree (quinqunx) aspect to cautionary Saturn in balancing Libra. This wavering Mercury-Saturn aspect could make us second guess or doubt ourselves at times, or suggest to us that we might be wise to adopt some back up strategies for our plans.

Enjoy your Monday!

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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