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“Don’t part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.” Mark Twain

This insightful Mark Twain quote may be of some temporary consolation to us today as we grapple with the psychedelic impact of illusionist Neptune, in “permanently out to sea” Pisces, exactly square to the brightly lit Sun in “talk therapy” Gemini.

“Father, please forgive us in advance, for what we say and do today. We haven’t a clue. Amen.” 🙂

Veiled, dissolving Neptune governs our urge for fantasy or escape. When its ray is activated, our feet seem to “not be on the ground.” We are wanting to flee the real world for “other realms,” including the world of our own, sometimes scary imagination, which Neptune presides over. With Sun-Neptune it is easier for us to be confused, bewildered, or bewitched.

Too, with this aspect, we are often unable to maintain healthy boundaries around us and we are more prone to letting in questionable elements that could serve to undermine us in some way. That is why we need to be a bit more wary of what is around us today and especially be on guard against deceptive (Neptune) forces. If something seems a little weird to us, chances are that it’s only the “tip of the iceberg” and we need to run immediately for cover. The thing is about Neptune’s pull, too, is that it often glamorizes things that are really not good for us (Neptune rules drugs and alcohol).

Of course, it is true that we still have the Moon in analytical Aquarius, which normally can help us to detach from our vulnerabilities and navigate things objectively, although the Moon is also pummeling the likes of “relationship” Venus (2:12 pm EDT), “defensive” Mars (2:46 pm EDT), and “logical” Mercury (5:53 pm EDT), making it potentially more challenging for us to relate to others logically and with a healthy sensitivity. Thankfully, though, the Moon will make a harmonious trine to “safe harbor” Saturn in “peace preserving” Libra by day’s end (7:01 pm EDT). And, not to be overlooked, Venus, Mars and Mercury are still in “rock solid” Taurus, also boding well for our prospects of being able to successfully parachute back “down to earth.”

Interestingly, cute Beatle, Paul McCartney, was born with his Sun in Gemini in his tenth house of career exactly square to dreamy Neptune in workhorse Virgo. Neptune is also exactly conjoined Paul’s Virgo Ascendant, with the Ascendant being the window in which one views the world. Paul is a perfect example of how to effectively channel Neptune’s more imaginative ray to one’s own advantage, by being able to fully immerse himself into the world of his own creativity and also become a billionaire in the process. Neptune also rules music.

Beyond that, Paul, and the Beatles, actually served as a conduit to facilitate much of the planet’s immersion into “Neptune’s whimsical realms”  through their floodgate of  music, thereby freeing us from the prosaic drone of our daily lives. They acted as a Neptunian narcotic, in many ways, enlisting us as Sgt. Pepper band members as a surefire way of escape (Neptune).

Paul also has his initiating, pioneering Mars tightly conjunct focused Pluto in entertainment Leo providing him with obsessive drive and natural-born desire for self-expression and showmanship (his Moon is also in Leo). Right now, we also have Mars, Venus and Mercury in tangible, artistic Taurus trining Pluto in ambitious Capricorn, somewhat of an equivalent form of energy here, in addition to the “magical, mystery tour” invitation of today’s Sun square Neptune.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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