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“Our knowledge is a receding mirage in an expanding desert of ignorance.” Will Durant

A couple days ago, we had the “illuminating” Sun in “talking head” Gemini exactly square “psychedelic” Neptune in “sinking ship” Pisces, and we were nestled in recovery mode on the bottom of Neptune’s fair, delusional sea, following the much ballyhooed doomsday prophecy that failed, once again, to materialize (Neptune). That ‘nebulous’ Sun-Neptune influence is still permeating the ether, but waning.

Today, we have a variant energy operating. The Moon is shifting into Neptune-ruled “fantasy” Pisces (8:24 am EDT) and conjuncting Neptune itself (10:11 am EDT), temporarily rekindling our rapturous desire to move beyond the boundaries and limitations of the material earth plane and magically connect with other realms, unseen forces. Befriending white rabbits, mystically cloaked in clouds, wistfully descending from starships originating from the likes of San Francisco, holds immense appeal for Alice and many others on this day. 🙂

To add even more sentimental, surreal icing to the Haight-Ashbury cake today, we also have “thought-keeper” Mercury forming a cool, creative quintile to “coming to take us away” Neptune.

Famous Birthdays May 24th: Bob Dylan is turning 70 today. He has his natal Mercury (thoughts) exactly square to imaginative Neptune in workaholic Virgo, perhaps why he is such a good poet and songwriter (Neptune rules poetry and music).  Priscilla Presley is also 66. Fascinatingly, her Gemini Sun is exactly trine to fairy-tale Neptune in matrimonial Libra and, of course, she had that “glittery” (Neptune) marriage to Elvis, who also had his emotional Moon in “love me tender” Pisces.

In the News: On the heels of the Gemini Sun’s murky square to Neptune in Pisces and the Mercury in Taurus quinqunx to Saturn in “judicial” Libra, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ruled that the state of California could be forced to release thousands of prisoners early to reduce overcrowding, in an admonishment to states that if they want to get tough on crime, they must also provide sufficient prison funding. (From the Wall Street Journal)

With Mercury quinqunx Saturn, we often are censured or rebuked (Saturn) for our ideas (Mercury). In this case, the Libra-ruled Supreme Court was taking the states to task. The empowering Sun in reporter Gemini also flashed a bright spotlight (via the square aspect to Neptune in Pisces) on the problem of overcrowding in prisons (Pisces rules prisons and places of confinement).

Enjoy your Tuesday! Remember: feed your head!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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