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“I never trust people’s assertions, I always judge of them by their actions.” Ann Radcliffe

With the Moon in emotionally vulnerable Cancer and connection queen Venus, forming a semi-square to deceptive Neptune, we are well-served today to heed Ms. Radcliffe’s more tried-and-true philosophy. Size people up by their actions, not their assertions.

Too, with communicator Mercury also forming a semi-square to bloated Jupiter, we are likely going to be fed a bunch of hyperbole anyway, as Jupiter likes to embellish and stretch things. But, again, we do best just sticking with the “plain and simple” facts today. No pie ala mode. Hold the pickle. 🙂

Famous Birthdays February 15th: Jane Seymour (60), Melissa Manchester (60)

“Tears of joy are like the summer rain drops pierced by sunbeams.” Hosea Ballou

In the news: President Obama unveiled his 2012 Federal Budget on Monday with communicator Mercury in idealistic Aquarius exactly trine to Saturn in Libra. Saturn rules budgets and Libra rules Congress. Mercury-Saturn symbolizes more of a “budget-conscious” mindset.

Of course, we also have expander Jupiter in trailblazing Aries now forming a tight square to purging Pluto in governmental Capricorn, so needless to say, there will probably end up being a lot of “elimination” from this proposed budget, as is normally the case. With Jupiter-Pluto, though, the cuts could even be deeper, this time around, as bulldozer Pluto tends to decimate.

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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