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“All great lovers are articulate, and verbal seduction is the surest road to actual seduction.” Marya Mannes


The chatty Gemini Moon gives us a desire to “verbalize our ideas.”  This is amplified even more so today with messenger Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, forming a semi-square to “do-your-own-thing” Uranus. An influence that characteristically makes us more inclined to put forward our “personal brand.” Also, assertive Mars in idealistic Aquarius is forming a semi-square to controlling Pluto, which adds to our level of intensity and passion. The shadow side of this Mars-Pluto aspect could make us somewhat more confrontational or manipulative (Pluto). Or, encounter persons who act in this manner.

Too, the powering Sun and energizing Mars continue in their tight conjunction in “group-oriented” Aquarius, a very potent aspect that is associated with risk-tasking and adventure. This energy has been in affect for the entire duration of the “people’s revolution” in Egypt the last two and a half weeks. Sun-Mars tends to “fire us up,” stoking our self-confidence and also making us much more willing to “do combat” for whatever we believe in, as Mars rules the aggressive urge, and also the urge for survival. Mars in Aquarius, too, energizes “group expression.”

Historically, with Sun-Mars conjunctions we typically have seen major new beginnings ushered in due to the “pioneering nature” of Mars. The Sun also represents world leaders and authority figures. I personally thought it was fascinating, too, that President Mubarak finally left office with the Moon in steadfast Taurus applying to an exact square to “dissolving, ego-denying” Neptune.

The Taurus Moon is known for “holding on forever,” but this ended up not being an option for Mubarak, in face of all the Aquarian (change-oriented) planets now, including the dynamic Sun-Mars conjunction, and also the Moon’s square to “surrendering” Neptune. Neptune rules the “urge for escape” or “withdrawal.” We often feel weakened with this influence and able to see the “handwriting on the wall.” Anyway, very happy for the people of Egypt. It will be interesting to see what happens next. Hopefully, it will be a positive new chapter for that country.

Additionally, today’s energetic Gemini Moon is good for fact-finding and gathering information, teaching, writing, short trips, and active pursuits. Too, love goddess Venus is still in alignment with passionate Pluto and with Valentine’s Day coming up on Monday, it could be that we want to get an early jump on it with our honey tonight. Since I am presently “unattached,” I went to the local Oreck vacuum store on Friday and purchased $53.00 worth of vacuum bags. So, I’m all set. Also, had my vacuum annually-serviced. What a thrill! I even was treated to an in-store demonstration of the “orbiter” carpet cleaner while I was there. Totally awesome. Was completely blown away by its’ stain-removing abilities. 🙂

Famous Birthdays February 12th: Josh Brolin (43), Arsenio Hall (55), Abraham Lincoln

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Abraham Lincoln

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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