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“Never be afraid to sit awhile and think.” Lorraine Hansberry


Mental Mercury exits practical, conservative Capricorn for more rebellious and unorthodox Aquarius (5:19 pm EST) where it joins the Sun, Moon, Mars, Neptune and Chiron. Aquarius is futuristic, eccentric, innovative, detached, and objective, so with thinker Mercury here, in this sign, our reasoning tends to be more progressive, original, and logical. We are more open to new ways of looking at things, as well as entertaining opposing viewpoints. Too, Mercury in Aquarius often likes to play the devil’s advocate. Additionally, Aquarius is a fixed sign, so there still can be some stubbornness to the mental qualities, as well as an argumentative streak. Mercury stays in Aquarius until February 21st.

Also, we still have the volatile Sun-Mars conjunction, again in group-oriented Aquarius, which will finally be exact tomorrow (11:40 am EST). Of course, as many of us know, Mars does rule the aggressive urge. Unfortunately, we saw events in Egypt suddenly turn violent on Wednesday. Several journalists were reportedly even attacked by pro-Mubarak forces in Cairo, including CNN’s Anderson Cooper who was beaten ten times in the head, according to news accounts. Cooper’s injuries were later described as “not serious.”

Sun conjunct Mars is always potentially an explosive aspect, that is why we want to try to rein in our more animalistic impulses with it. Too, it’s certainly okay to vent, and often with this Sun-Mars influence, we may very well need to vent, or clear the air. Also, in some instances with Sun-Mars, we are “forced to act” or “take a stand” to defend ourselves. But, of course, we still always have the choice to rise above using physical force, unless it is a situation where our very lives are at stake. Mars does represent the urge for survival and the need for defense.  On the positive side, Sun-Mars can be very good for physically invigorating work, exercise and competitive sports, and for taking initiative. It tends to elevate our self-confidence. And, our courage. It can be a great aspect for self-discovery. Historically, on a collective basis, Sun-Mars has correlated with breakthroughs, new discoveries and advancements.

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is that little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.” Mary Anne Radmacher.

Famous Birthdays February 3rd: Morgan Fairchild (61), Dave Davies – co-founder of The Kinks (64), Gertrude Stein (137)

Patrice Thompson

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