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“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.” Lao Tsu


A much ballyhooed “New Moon in Aquarius” is taking place later today (9:31 pm EST). New Moons herald in new beginnings (see my earlier blog post on this lunation for all the dazzling details).

The Sun and Moon are conjoined “male energizer bunny” Mars in “reinvent yourself” Aquarius and also trine to “stabilizer” Saturn in “olive branch” Libra. What this cryptically means for all of us is that it is an excellent time to “take initiative” and to also be “innovative.” We will be rewarded accordingly, if we also are wise enough to incorporate some strategic planning into the equation and also seek out experienced counsel for close collaboration (Saturn in Libra).

This is a very cool time to showcase and cultivate our uniqueness and demonstrate to the world what sets us apart from the pack. Especially for the areas of life (the house) that this New Moon falls in, in our personal horoscope. At the same time, we may also find immersion in group activities (Aquarius) another liberating source of self-expression. Mentally we are capable of brilliance with Mercury sextile original thinker Uranus. Our intuition is on overdrive now and on target, so we need to pay close attention to it.

Also connection queen Venus is square freedom-loving Uranus, making our love life perhaps unpredictable, but potentially more exciting. We’re more attracted to wacky, oddball types now, so we need to keep this in mind before we run off and elope with the sexy lion tamer at the circus.

Too, romantic fantasies also reign supreme as Venus is forming a sextile to “all of our personal woes would dramatically recede, if we could only date George Clooney” Neptune, our savior. Venus-Neptune can signify hot, passionate romance with Hollywood stars (Neptune rules actors), and, of course, we are obligingly taking that translation very literally here. 🙂

Famous Birthdays February 2: Christie Brinkley (57), Graham Nash (69), Ayn Rand (106), James Joyce (129)

“A man’s errors are his portals of discovery.” James Joyce

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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