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“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Albert Einstein


Goal-keeper Saturn, the only planet with a hit “reality show” that we all despise, but watch anyway because we have no choice in the matter, stations retrograde today (1:11 am EST) at 17 degrees of nuptials Libra. The plot thickens even more here because mental Mercury, also positioned in Saturn’s subdued, medicated Capricorn, is forming an exact square to the old fart. 🙂 (See my earlier blog on Saturn retrograde in Libra for more sizzlin’ details.)

What this may mean for all of us is that we could be in for a big “reality check” today with our thinking, especially if we’ve been drinking too much of Neptune’s delusional Kool-aid instead of doing our proper due diligence.  Mercury-Saturn stands ready to show us the weakness and foolishness of our ideas, and is ready to send us back to the drawing board, if need be, for workable, “reality-based” solutions that take into consideration our tiny budgets and meager talents. We are empowered now by “facing the music” and recognizing the “folly” of our previous ways, and dutifully confessing our sins. No more profligate lifestyle. Only generic brands, generic prescriptions for us. We may still occasionally feast on pie, but no more pie ala mode. At least for a while. Saturn wants us to be “lean and mean” and to show a profit, at which time he will smile. Broadly.

Mercury-Saturn: “No, we cannot pass ‘Go.’ No, we do not get to collect $200. And, if we don’t come up shortly with some practical thought applications that appease authority figures, we could wind up in Monopoly jail doing hard labor, losing both Boardwalk and Park Place to foreclosure!”

In addition, the Moon is holed up all day long in deep, dark, foreboding Scorpio, making us feel totally like we’re in existential hell, with few choices or options around us. (This is not true, but Pluto-ruled Scorpio is always full of drama, angst, and darkness.) We’re forced to frightfully crawl into the tarantula infested caves for dubious shelter. Looking desperately for Mick Jagger and Keith Richards to assuage and soothe our Saturnian-induced pain and guilt, one more time. How about it, guys? Will you be the light at the end of the gloomy cave for us today, and help us to emotionally regenerate and heal? Pretty please?

“Are you sure that a floor can’t also be a ceiling?” M.C. Escher

Famous January 26th birthdays: Ellen DeGeneres (53), Eddie Van Halen (56)

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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