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The planet Mercury, governing travel, communication, contracts, and so forth, finally stations direct at 19 degrees of Sagittarius on December 30th at 2:22 am EST. Hallelujah!

Mercury has been retrograde (appearing to be in backward motion in the night sky) since December 10th. It turned retrograde at 5 degrees of Capricorn. It will officially be retracing its “shadow” until January 17th, when it gets back to that 5-degree mark.

When Mercury is retrograde, there can be general confusion, misunderstandings, reversals, travel snafus, etc. Mercury retrograde is also a time when we “move forward” by actually “going backwards.” In other words, we “review or mull over” our recent decisions, or thinking on things. When Mercury goes direct, we are then free (cosmically cleared) to put into motion whatever we revisited or concluded when Mercury was retrograde.

The Mercury retrograde period, additionally, can be an excellent time for tossing around new strategies in our head.  We just don’t want to actually implement anything new until Mercury goes direct.

Anyway, with Mercury direct again, we have the green light to make important decisions, purchase electronics and appliances, sign and or negotiate contracts, buy automobiles. We can also resume brushing our teeth in a forward motion.

“At the sound of the beep, you may begin recording your sexy little message for all the world to hear. When you have finished recording it, if you are satisfied with it, you may ‘press one’ to begin using it as your official greeting.

On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with the message for any reason, perhaps you feel that your inflection was not quite right or seductive enough, or that you maybe should not have cussed halfway through it,  and you would like to re-record it, we are sorry, but you are plum out of luck!

This is because mental Mercury has finally stationed direct in “shoot from the hip” Sagittarius.  What this means is that the time period for reviews and rewinds is over! It’s time now to proceed full-throttle ahead in our thinking and communication, although we may want to wait a few days until our brain is fully thawed out before giving it anything too complicated to ponder, as our minds have been on ice for almost three weeks now.

Too, the purists among us, may want to wait until Mercury moves out of its’ “shadow period” to resume full use of the mental faculties and for rendering key decisions (January 17th). So, use your own discretion here. We only report the planets, fair and balanced. You decide what, if anything, to do with them.” 🙂

Patrice Thompson

(c) copyright 2010

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