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“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” Albert Einstein

Cosmic Weather:

Challenges abound just about everywhere with gitty up Mars in Capricorn square restrictive Saturn in Libra. Our patience may be tried today and we may have to deal with cruel or repressed types, or people in authority who will not cut us any slack. In other circumstances, we may benefit by “just saying no” and walking away. Who needs the frickin’ stress?

For more “evolved types,” today’s energy may be the fuel that drives them to do truly courageous things despite humungous odds, as Mars does indicate bravery and courage, and in the face of “great tester” Saturn, karmic roadblocks can be put in our paths to deliberately “test the stuff” we’re made up. Still we may want to limit our association with governmental or bureaucratic types, ruled by Capricorn, while trying to walk on eggshells with our significant other (Libra). Too, just because he or she doesn’t cap the toothpaste today does not necessarily mean we have valid grounds for divorce! Although it may feel like it now.

Some questions to perhaps ask ourselves today:

Why are my efforts in certain areas meeting hefty resistance? Have I not done enough advance preparation or due diligence? Do I not know the right people to push through my brilliant agendas? Maybe I need to network more in 2011?

Too, it could be that I forgot to gargle with mouthwash this morning, because of that bloody brawl with my partner over the toothpaste cap? Maybe it’s simply a matter of my breath, why I’m so unpopular now? Breath could be especially odorous today, too, because of the scary motion of the planets, particularly Mars-Saturn. (The Moon also leaves “up in the air” Libra for “intense” Scorpio at 3:50 pm EST. A time when our breath can really be bad as the Moon channels our breath from past lives (Scorpio) and then and puts it in our mouths. Very foul-smelling!)

Am I wearing the wrong colors to be successful today? (With Mars square Saturn, we may have more success by dressing in all black, mirroring the glorious drab energy of the day.)

“You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.” Epicurus.

So be it.

Patrice Thompson

(c) copyright 2010

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