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“A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure.” Charlie Chaplin

Couldn’t let this day pass without mentioning that December 23rd is the 37th anniversary of television’s, The Young and The Restless, which debuted back in 1973, and is still going strong.

Today, we’re also checking out some of the cosmic energy of that day, to see why maybe that show has endured for so long. And why it was perhaps able to “hook us” in the first place.

Mackenzie: “What does this mean – “wedding vows”‘?

J.T.: “Oh, Brittany wants me to help write hers.”

Mackenzie: “She wants you to help her?”

J.T.: “What, you didn’t think Bobby knew how to read or write?”

Mackenzie: “That’s mean.”

J.T.: “Yeah, it’s not far from the truth. But don’t worry.  I’m sure he’ll hire whoever writes those flyers for the strip club. It’ll be like the raunchiest vows ever, and I’m sure the minister will probably pass out.”

(From The Young And The Restless)

On December 23, 1973, when The Young and The Restless debuted, Venus, the mythological “Goddess of Love,” was exactly sextile “Fantasy” Neptune, the planet which also rules the television camera. Venus was in friendly, freedom-loving Aquarius. Aquarius is also a sign known for broadcasting and technology. Neptune was in wanderlust Sagittarius, a sign that is additionally very good at spinning imaginative tales and story lines. (The emotional Moon was also in “alibi” Sag that day.) The sextile is normally regarded as a more harmonious aspect of “opportunity.”

Venus-Neptune aspects tend to coincide with a mindset in which we are much more willing, and really wanting, to believe in “fairy tales” (escapist soap opera plots). We are also more inclined to want to search out an “ideal love.” No matter that the object of our desires may be “imaginary,” or otherwise “off limits” to us. Perhaps a hunky character on a soap opera?

Most of us have had imaginary lovers, at some point, in our lives. Wild fantasies about persons “unavailable” to us? George Clooney, of course, immediately comes to mind here. However, we existentially do know, in this particular case, that this “Clooney pipe dream,” may actually some day still come to pass. It could be that it just takes many more earthly incarnations to materialize.  But, it’s okay. We have the time. Rome wasn’t built overnight. Great things take time and careful planning. And, sometimes, a lot of fervent prayer. Along with daily visualization, meditation, and fasting. Occasionally we have to strike back-alley deals, too, with questionable saints, in order to get our needs met. (Would you believe, Neptune also rules saints and gurus, priestly-type figures? This is true.)

That is how Venus-Neptune tends to operate. It seldom ever “surrenders the dream.” Rarely quits on the “romantic illusion.” It will go to unbelievable measures to secure or retain its fantasy. Interesting to note here that Neptune also rules our “addictions.” Neptune, coincidentally, additionally depicts “real-life people” who are employed as actors, or other persons professionally engaged in careers that stoke our imagination, such as poets, dancers, and artists. So, we had more of a proclivity to “fall for” the “make-believe” characters in the show, with the program debuting when it did.

Neptune is also our magical “link to the divine” and whispers to us of having a “divine compassion” for all. Venus-Neptune can be highly compassionate. But, on the flip side, there is also the proclivity to “play martyr or victim.” Elements, too, that work very well in television-based soap operas.

Too, love maven Venus was in a tight harmonious trine to transforming, controlling Pluto in Libra when this show premiered. With Venus-Pluto, we usually fully experience all the highs and lows of romantic drama. The compulsiveness, the obsessions, the deepest of passions. Venus was also applying to a conjunction with expander Jupiter in Aquarius, considered to be one of the most romantic and fortuitous aspects of all, as Jupiter grows whatever it is paired with and aligned with romantic Venus, our love and affection knows no bounds. The Young and The Restless characters will also never run out of people to have “real or imagined” affairs with.

Lastly, Virile Mars, ruling sex and our physical desires, was also deposited in impetuous Aries ( the sign that it rules) at 29 degrees, the very last degree of the sign.  Making the young, “very restless.” And, ever more reason to watch them on TV.

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2010

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