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“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” Oscar Wilde


A New Moon in Refining Virgo (6:31 am EDT). We’re mastering our craft.  Perfecting our skills. Some of us are also augmenting and or redefining our eyebrows. Praying to the Almighty that we will finally be able look in the mirror with a deep sense of pride and confidence, knowing that our brows are no longer going to be swallowed up incestuously by our eyes. A matter that has psychologically dogged us since birth.

We are also using our vast, prohibitionist-leaning, “Virgoan analytical ability”  to attempt to decode the existential meaning of “bar codes” on packages, in a bid to psychologically satisfy, and get free drinks from, Jupiter, the newest, tipsy bartender in town, who, in an inebriated stupor, accidentally fell off an adventurous, Aries cliff, a little while ago, and landed back into the “alcohol-filled” Piscean sea, when no one was looking. Erratic Uranus is also suppose to be tending bar tonight with Jupiter but, as usual, in his typical, recalcitrant manner, he has decided not to show up for work. Didn’t even bother to call in to tell anybody that he wasn’t coming in.

Meanwhile, Love Goddess Venus is back in the dark, treacherous waters of “I want the whole frickin’ truth from you, about where you were last night, and who you were with, and I want it now!!! And nothing but the truth!!! Or, you’re sleeping alone in the shed!!!  And don’t even believe for a minute that God’s going to be able help you out on this one!!! Scorpio.”

Yes.  Suspicion’s back. Big time.

Event in history on this date: On September 8, 1994, MTV awards feature newlyweds Michael Jackson (Virgo) and Lisa Marie Presley (Aquarian). Relationship Venus had also just entered Mysterious Scorpio.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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