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“She suspected him of infidelity, with and without reason, morning, noon and night.” Ada Leverson

What a week!

My Crystal Ball is plum wiped out.  I think I’m going to have to change the water in it.  It just feels stagnant and deficient and it’s lack of clarity is starting to metaphysically bum me out.

It also looks like it’s beginning to turn an ugly shade of green again. Hold on a moment.  Let me put my bifocals on to make sure.

Oh my gosh, it is! That bright green Kool-Aid color is rapidly returning to the bowl. This is not a good sign people.

It can only mean one thing: Neptune is on the prowl again!

Oh, no! We must all take cover and we must do it now, otherwise we may all be forced to eat Neptune’s rotten cooking and hear him tell a pack of never-ending conversational lies at the Sunday dinner table.

But wait! The Crystal Ball is also showing me that Neptune in Aquarius  has gone ahead and already captured Love Goddess Venus in food-sign Cancer and they’re fighting over his cooking and her internet recipes. And Neptune’s holding Venus in that embarrassing, contorted quinqunx position, which I refuse to look at because it’s way too vulgar for my taste. Too much salt. They’re also going to have to drink lots and lots of water afterwards and that’s going to make them have to pee like there’s no tomorrow.

Ladies, what all this boils down to is you must hold on to your man for dear life today.  Make sure he’s tied down, so he doesn’t roam. Only untie him if he’s willing to help you with the vacuuming and dishes. Even then, keep a very close eye on him and also insist that if he misses any dust balls, it’s back in the cage.

Guys, make sure that you don’t find a way to get loose from the restriction and pull some low down, illicit shenanigans on your woman.  If you do, mark my word, you’ll be toast. Toast! You won’t even be allowed vacuum privileges anymore. Do you hear me loud and clear?


If you’re single and you’re looking for romance today, all I can say is, tread very carefully. Make sure you do a thorough screening on anyone you meet and this includes FBI fingerprinting and collecting urine samples. Venus-Neptune is ripe for illusion, delusion, deception, and all matters of flatulence and gas from going out with the wrong people.

Other than the Venus-Neptune craziness, we have the emotional Moon now in nesting, nurturing Cancer, which favors all sorts of delightful activities on the home front, such as raiding the refrigerator on the hour. Or, perhaps you may want to consider erecting a sleek, cool bomb shelter in the basement for your spouse or significant other to play in.

Fun, wholesome activities with our families, that’s what we want to be immersing ourselves in now.  Always, too, with the Cancer Moon, security issues loom larger, hence the psychological need and overwhelming desire to tie down our partners, lest they escape from our clutches and cause major problems for the collective.

In the News: Pilots for the low-cost American carrier Spirit Airlines went on strike Saturday.  This strike action comes on the heels of inflammatory Mars moving through the work sign of Virgo and separating from a rebellious quinqunx (challenging aspect) to aviation ruler Uranus and gung-ho Jupiter in fiery, defiant Aries.

News Update: A massive effort is underway to clean up the damage left behind when a Chevron pipeline leaked up to 21,000 gallons of oil into Salt Lake City waterways Saturday. Harsh Taskmaster Saturn is exactly quinqunx again to Neptune, ruler of oil and water.  Saturn is also in Virgo, the sign associated with cleanups. The Lord of Karma is certainly giving our cleanup muscles quite a work out as of late and it’s all revolving around oil and water (Neptune). Additionally, Venus is involved here with an exact quinqunx to Neptune, adding fuel to the quinqunx aspect, so to speak, both literally and symbolically.

Event in History on this date: On June 13, 1967, Thurgood Marshall was nominated as the 1st black Supreme Court justice. In the sky that day, transiting Mercury, governing thinking and decisions, was in nurturing Cancer, and exactly square to pioneering Mars in Libra, the sign that rules the Supreme Court.

Usually with strong Mars aspects, there are new beginnings and new developments for the sign in which Mars is transiting through. Squares also force action.

The transiting Sun in idea Gemini, too, was coming off of a square to both Uranus and Pluto conjunct in introspective Virgo, further suggesting the collective would be grappling with some kind of transformational (Pluto) changes (Uranus) that could also involve matters of equality (Uranus).

June 13 Birthdays: Mary-Kate Olsen, John Nash.

Cosmic Word of The Day: Philanderer.

Enjoy your Sunday! Don’t fool around!

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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