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Three days before Elvis Presley’s second movie ‘Loving You’ debuted in theaters, John Lennon and Paul McCartney met for the first time as teenagers on July 6, 1957.  John had formed a group called ‘The Quarrymen’ and was playing with his band at the Woolten Parish Church Garden Fete when the two were introduced.  Later in 1960, the two men would form the group ‘The Beatles.’

Most of us meet new people all the time in the course of our daily lives. In cases when we have an attraction or fascination with someone, astrologers like to look to the aspects of Venus, the relationship planet, that governs love and attraction.

Venus also represents artistic and musical expression, as well as money and possessions. It also pertains to physical beauty.

In the heavens on the very day that John and Paul met, Venus was exactly conjunct the highly individualistic, freedom-loving Uranus. Both planets were in the creative, entertainment sign of Leo.

I put a lot of stock in the cosmic energy that is around us when we meet people in our lives. I think it sheds important clues as to the karma and destiny of the relationship. Of course, it’s best to have the exact moment when two people meet, so you can cast the full horoscope.

Venus-Uranus aspects are often characterized as “love at first sight.” Uranian energy is electrifying, like a sudden bolt of lightning out of the blue.

Uranus also rules inventors and can denote genius.  Uranus’s ray stirs up original, even radical impulses within us.  The Venus-Uranus relationship may be inclined to break with the norm in many ways, as well as challenge convention.

Later, of course, when John and Paul were with the Beatles’ they would revolutionize the world not only with their music but also with their long hair which was so different than the prevailing styles, but it set them apart and probably greatly added to their success as well as uniqueness.

Venus-Uranus can denote striking looks and charismatic appeal.  Elizabeth Taylor, for example, has Venus exactly conjunct Uranus in her birth horoscope.

In addition to Venus conjunct Uranus in Leo, energetic and pioneering Mars was also closely conjoined with both of them, just three degrees away, on July 6, 1957.  All three were harmoniously and powerfully trine to longevity Saturn in Sagittarius, the sign which rules publishing.

Perhaps the rewarding Saturn trines helped them to later achieve worldly success with the publishing and recording of their unique blend of music, as well as adding a lasting quality to their relationship.

Sometimes Venus Uranus relationships do not endure over time, and while John and Paul did have their ups and downs and were separated from each other, the byproducts of their relationship will always endure in terms of their musical legacy.

Saturn also helps us to focus and discipline ourselves and aligned to the three Leo planets they were able to successfully channel their creativity.

So, in recapping the energy of that fateful day, we see that there was grand opportunity for creative expression (exemplified by Venus) and this creativity would ideally be able to embody originality and even elements of genius (Uranus).

There was also the trailblazing Mars energy suggesting a passion for pioneering something new.  The trines to Saturn made it all come together successfully in the world.

The public reaction later to John and Paul, as part of the Beatles, and the music that they wrote could also be characterized as very Venus-Uranus, in that many of us instantly fell in love with them and their songs.

Mars conjunct Venus, too, can be a romantic influence and probably why Paul and John wrote so many love songs.  Plus the influence gave the pair sex appeal and charisma.

The erratic and more volatile Mars Uranus conjunction also perhaps fueled a rebellious streak in their relationship with each other and this was depicted in their music at times as well.  Mars-Uranus also helped to firmly establish them as trend setters in the world.

It’s interesting, too, that when John and Paul met each other, Elvis Presley, whose music played a big role in their lives, also seemed to be at his prime, in terms of his display of raw talent and creativity.  Pluto, the transformer, was importantly at the end of Leo then.

When a planet gets to the end of the sign, I often think it’s very symbolic and represents the highest or fullest expression of the energy of that sign.  Of course, in this case, Leo rules entertainment and self-expression.  Pluto always has a powerfully regenerating affect on us.  It also rules the masses and affects mass consciousness.

With Pluto at the end of Leo, we not only had Elvis transforming the entertainment world with his original stage performances and riveting music, we also had John and Paul coming together for the first time.  John and Paul would later reshape the music industry, as well as personally change many of us forever in the process.  All three introduced us to new levels of creativity and personal self-expression (Leo) through their art that we had not witnessed before and all had a huge impact on the collective (Pluto). They were all legends. What you would expect with Pluto who likes to debut historic firsts. And he saved the very best for the end of Leo.

Written by Patricia Thompson

Copyright 2010

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