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“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.” Toni Morrison

It’s actually quite possible today that we’ll be able to lighten our load, a bit, so we can pin on our dusty angel wings, and become airborne, with sweet Venus, in ethereal, transcendent Pisces, sextiling aviation-ruling Uranus in practical Taurus. Uranus naturally propels us towards change and experimentation. And, newly-deposited in Venus-ruled Taurus, the sign that governs money, our values, and our attachments, it’s potentially a chance for us to suddenly see these areas in a brand new light and to maybe do some creative tweaking, if needed. Possibly releasing, in the process, some of the baggage or worn-out practices of the past. I emphasized the word suddenly here, too, because that’s often how Uranus tends to impact us. It metaphorically symbolizes a bolt of lightning, out of the blue. You know, it’s those light bulb or aha moments that Oprah’s always going on about. Oprah herself is a Uranus-ruled Aquarian.

Venus-Uranus can be especially refreshing for new romantic encounters, for forming new friendships, and socializing, in general, as it often pairs us up with personality types that we normally wouldn’t give a second thought to. What’s also extra exciting about these liaisons, at least at the time, is there usually a lot of electricity in the air when we meet these people.

The Moon also shifts from idealistic Sagittarius to business-oriented Capricorn, this morning (10:07 am), with the Capricorn Moon also sextiling Venus (12:06 pm) and trining Uranus (12:10 pm), again underscoring the day’s sizzling Venus-Uranus aspect. If you’re also into power lunches, today would probably be a good time to have one. Although, Venus in inebriated Pisces may also want to make it into a two-martini lunch, so be forewarned!

On This Day in History: On March 27, 1915 Typhoid Mary (Mary Mallon) is arrested and returned to quarantine on North Brother Island, New York after spending five years evading health authorities and causing several further outbreaks of typhoid. Astrologically in the sky, that day, problem-solving Mercury was applying to a conjunction to insightful Jupiter and police chief Mars in escapist Pisces, the sign that also rules infirmaries, hospitals, and prisons.

Famous March 27 Birthdays: Gloria Swanson, Quentin Tarantino, Mariah Carey.

“It’s in my genes. My mother was an opera singer. I’m clearly dramatic.” Mariah Carey

Hope you have a fun Wednesday!

Patricia Thompson

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