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“Real dishes break. That’s how you know they’re real.” Marty Rubin

With the empowering Sun conjunct Chiron in motivated Aries today, there’s an opportunity to become more aware of parts of our personality, or, perhaps, elements of our life, that we normally may not pay much attention to: the vulnerabilities or sensitivities; the hidden wounds. Generally, Sun-Chiron tends to promote self-honesty. Even though, initially, we could be a little wigged out by some of what may be coming up for us now, internally. Kind of like when we get the initial estimate of costs to repair our car when we bring it into the dealership. “Holey moley!” But then, after the preliminary shock wears off, we somehow manage to settle ourselves down. We then go ahead and get the ole’ clunker repaired and get it back on the road again. Sometimes, too, just asking ourselves ‘Is this a productive thought? Is it getting me closer to where I want to be?’ can often help to move us beyond our difficulties, beyond the stranglehold of the past, and propel us to take positive action toward our future.

“Worn old shoes need a good cobbler to be repaired; but worn old thoughts, only a rubbish bin!” Mehmet Murat Ildan

Famous March 22 Birthdays: William Shatner, Reese Witherspoon, James Patterson, Bob Costas.

“Know that the people who live the longest and the richest lives are looking ahead and not behind.” William Shatner

On this day in history: On March 22, 1957 “All Shook Up” single was released by Elvis Presley (b. 1/8/35). The song was also later named Billboard’s Year End number one song for 1957 (Wikipedia).

Astrologically, in his natal chart the day of its release, transiting Jupiter (the Santa Claus archetype) was retrograde at 26 degrees of Virgo or exactly conjunct his Midheaven (career house). Traditionally interpreted as a very propitious or lucky time for a person, professionally. Jupiter was also applying to a one-degree sextile to transforming Pluto in Cancer in his 8th house of shared resources, an influence favorable for augmenting finances as well as for potentially receiving material backing or other kinds of support from influential individuals.

“Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.” Elvis Presley

Hope you enjoy your Friday! Do something fun!

Patrice Thompson

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