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“When your imagination’s at work, your dreams make sense.” Anthony T. Hincks

Have you ever struggled to put something together, manually? Let’s say maybe a paperclip. And, you all have these supposed “easy-to-assemble” instructions, right before you, but you still can’t figure out how to assemble the darn thing? Well, in a left-handed way, I guess that’s sort of how I feel about today’s Full Moon in instructional and corrective Virgo. As I was meditating on the meaning of this lunation this morning, in preparation for this blog, all of a sudden, I got inundated with an avalanche of assorted details. Including receiving a hallucinatory vision (Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces) of a 32-page colored report, with perfect margins, of everything that is wrong in my present-day life! It’s like, how in the heck do I even begin to right the ship? 🙂

Virgo the Virgin, as you probably know, is number six in the zodiac lineup. Or, is midway through it, in other words. Kind of tucked away in obscurity. (Where it frickin’ belongs!) Of course, usually when you get to the middle of anything is often when the plot thickens or twists, including when some things may begin to break down. Even in the body, Virgo governs the intestines, which are located in the middle region of the body, and also where food particles are broken down for digestion. Too, if your diet is not that good and you’re eating a lot of the wrong things, such as maybe stuffing your face with pimento cheese sandwiches and washing it all down with a gallon of Irish whiskey for breakfast, your stomach and intestines will probably let you know, pretty fast, that you’re screwing up. And you’ll, no doubt, be receiving several lashes for penance while having to listen to Virgoan recorded messages prompting you to eat your dang vegetables instead. Including yucky broccoli!

Moving right along.

Trying to keep everything very simple and orderly for you here, today. Because we do have, again, intellectual Mercury, the Virgo Full Moon’s official ruler, exactly conjunct psychedelic, mushroom-eating Neptune now. Folks, there’s no wait out of this one, unfortunately. I’m sorry.

Waiting any moment to be taken away by space aliens in little white coats…

Yes, with an illuminating Full Moon in troubleshooting Virgo, at this moment in time, we’re essentially checking under the hood. Seeing how everything is working. Or not working. Maybe we need a smidgeon of antifreeze under our arms. Or on our hips. Or our lips, perhaps, need to be pumped up or inflated with a pound or two of more air to better resemble Kim Kardashian’s. Just typical body maintenance stuff.

But, wait! There’s more! That was just for starters! 🙂

Then there’s the whole other matter of the cleanaholic Virgo Full Moon likely wanting to invade our home space today! Holding us hostage, no doubt, with an industrial-sized vacuum cord, tied around our neck, and a Swiffer Sweeper thrusted under our arm so we can gather up all the dirt, and other crap, that’s been accumulating, exponentially, since who knows when. The fact is, too, we haven’t really been able to see any of this gook, all that well, until this god-awful Virgo Full Moon shows up! Plus, it’s a darn SuperMoon to boot! Making its impact that much worse!  Now, the darn dustballs are glaring at us! The cobwebs are staging a Uranian-type revolt! And, the dirty laundry in the clothes hamper is starting to come to life, twisting and shouting, and foaming at the mouth. Kinda like Linda Blair in the Exorcist!

Well, maybe it’s not quite that bad.

But, then there’s the matter of…

And then…

Oh, no!

Please, please! Can’t somebody pull down the frickin’ shade!

I can’t take it anymore!

I swear, I’ll eat my vegetables! 🙂

Enjoy your day! Full Moon Blessings to you!

Patrice Thompson

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