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“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” – Peter Drucker

The day begins with the empowering Sun in Aquarius sextile progressive Uranus in Aries (2:54 am). This aspect tends to foster opportunities for innovation, taking new approaches, breaking with convention, and overall expressions of individuality. Since this is also a waning sextile from the Sun to Uranus, it could be that we are seeing some past actions of a Uranian nature coming to a culmination or fruition now. Additionally, this alignment favors technological or scientific breakthroughs, group involvement, and or getting behind or supporting ideological causes that we feel very passionate about.

Venus Conjunct Saturn (5:52 am): Venus in Capricorn today activates, again, the more long-term Saturn-Neptune sextile that I wrote about yesterday when Venus sextiled Neptune. Venus conjunct Saturn is an excellent follow-up to that aspect, as it allows us to become very grounded in our outlook about the physical world, including our financial picture, our possessions, our love relationships. This is a perfect day to reflect upon what it is that we really value and want around us. Also, what we need to release from our lives. In some cases, Venus-Saturn conjunctions can also coincide with actual breakups or separations from others. When this happens, it’s normally because those alliances have run their natural course and it’s time to move on. In general, with Venus-Saturn aspects we are working to stabilize or firm up or better our circumstances. This kind of planetary energy allows us to manage our resources, including teaching us how to do more with less. Overall, we want to really feel a sense of richness or prosperity around us now, a sense of security, be it emotional security or material security. We also want commitment and focus from others. Yesterday, the Venus-Neptune hopefully made us more aware of the non-material resources that we are in possession of, such as our creativity, our vision, our spiritual linkage to the Divine.

Sun enters Pisces (6:04 pm) – This annual journey of the Sun into more spiritual, compassionate Pisces, serves to remind us, in part, that there is more to our world than what meets the eye. Pisces, as the last sign of the zodiac, symbolizes an amalgamation of all that has come before it. It represents the last stage of our developmental journey. The illuminating Sun in Pisces usually marks a period when we are naturally drawn to turning within in a bid to process or integrate all that we’ve been through. There’s also usually greater feeling and consideration for the plights of others now.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  Pierre Tielhard de Chardin

Chiron leaves Pisces for Aries today: Chiron, the Wounded Warrior, moving into Aries, the sign of our self-identity, suggests, among other things, that we have an opportunity to not only go deeper with discovering our own self-truth but also now have a chance to stand in it, which sometimes can take a lot of courage to do. Chiron typically makes us aware of our greatest emotional vulnerabilities, or where we may still be feeling the sting of old wounds, and, in the process, it offers us a way to heal ourselves and move on. “Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another.” Toni Morrison. Chiron will remain in Aries until 2027. I’ll be writing much more about Chiron in Aries in the future here.

Lastly, the Moon is also still in theatrical Leo, all day, allowing us to do things up with lots of flair or fanfare. The Moon’s trine to optimistic Jupiter in Sagittarius this evening (7:00 pm) is also excellent for entertaining, mixing with people from diverse backgrounds, conducting business meetings, and philanthropical gestures.

*All times EST.

Enjoy your Monday! Hope it’s a great week ahead for you! Tomorrow we also have the healing Full Moon in Virgo!

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