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“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” Rumi

Have you ever gone to that proverbial drawing board with the best of intentions to be creative or imaginative, and absolutely zilch happened? It’s like you suddenly morph into a zombie or something and you end up just sitting there, twiddling your thumbs. If you can even muster that much! What’s even worse is when you look all around you, and you see all these cool things created by other people! and you’re thinking to yourself, “Why in the world did I have to get stuck with such a lousy, god-awful imagination? Is it possible payback or retribution, perhaps, for an ancient karmic misdeed, or something? 🙂

Isn’t it also humbling and mind-boggling, too, when you step outside into nature and you see all this brilliantly choreographed magnificence and beauty everywhere? Or, you look into the heavens through a telescope, and it’s as if the complicated universe never stops unfolding! There is just so much amazing mystery and wonderment surrounding us, all the time, and yet many of us never really even think much about it because we are often so preoccupied with all the daily, mundane, personal stuff. Yet, we also have it so much better, in many ways, with respect to countless others who lived before us, in other time periods, who often had to struggle to just make it to age 30 or 40.

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” Sylvia Plath

And yet, regardless of everything, hope springs eternal for another glorious chance to possibly shine or dazzle, or to come into our own, in our optimal roles as co-creators with the universe! Or, so it seems, at least for today anyway, with sweet, artistic Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, forming a lovely sextile aspect with compassionate Neptune, the official Kingpin of Imagination (3:45 am).  The Venus-Neptune hookup today also activating the ongoing, more long-term Saturn-Neptune sextile that has been in operation since the end of January and will continue in effect, on and off, for most of this year. This aspect between these two planetary heavyweights, Saturn and Neptune, is, theoretically, ideal for helping us turn our dreams, creativity, and visions (Neptune) into reality or tangible form (Saturn).

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