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“We spend much of the first half of our lives trying to build internal models that fit the world and much of the last half of our lives trying to adjust the world so it fits the inner models.” – Bruce Wexler

The empowering Sun in individualistic Aquarius quinqunx to the futuristic North Node in self-protective Cancer suggests that there is possibly some kind of disconnect taking place now, internally, between the outward path by which we have chosen to define ourselves versus how we are actually feeling inside about that role. Could it be that we have gotten too much into our head (detached Sun in Aquarius) and now we need to get more into the realm of our gut (NN in Cancer) to balance things out and move on to the next level?

No telling really how the pieces of our personal puzzle may have gotten askew. Perhaps we have become disenchanted with the causes (Aquarius) that we have been espousing and that is weighing us down? Or maybe our friendships or group involvements (Aquarius) need to be tweaked as they are no longer meaningful enough for us anymore? Maybe we are also spending too much time on social media or the internet (Aquarius)? Living in a virtual La La Land and we need to simply refocus our attention now on more of the grounding basics (Cancer). Such as tending to what is going on within our homes and with our families, including thinking about such practical things as the type of food that we are putting into our bodies, and where it is coming from. Or taking notice of such stuff as what really moves us, emotionally, as we go about our day. Mars entrance into placid Taurus yesterday, a location it will stay in for the next six weeks, will likely be a big boon to us here, in the coming days, in that it should help to restore our natural sense of equilibrium as we thoroughly evaluate now what it is that we really want to put our energy into, or conclude what it is that we really value, and omit from our journey what it is that is no longer needed for our own, very special rose parade.

“Be kinder to yourself. And then let your kindness flood the world.” Pema Chodron

Enjoy your weekend!

Patrice Thompson

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