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“Though I think and speak of greater becoming, I, too, am an infinite work in progress.” T. F. Hodge

Today’s New Moon in “transformational” Scorpio, at 22 degrees (5:08 pm EST), is also a Total Solar Eclipse, a phenomenon which occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, and the Moon fully blocks out the face of the Sun. The impact of an eclipse can last for up to 3 to 6 months. However, eclipses often seem to be most keenly felt about a week before, and then for a few days afterwards.

While Eclipses are highly charged events that tend to “speed things up,” this does not mean that they should necessarily be construed as either good or bad in themselves, although, in ancient times, eclipses were often viewed in a more negative or dubious manner. This perception, however, was probably due simply to a lack of astronomical knowledge.

Every New Moon is a chance for us to experience new beginnings. It is a time when we set our intentions for the new month. Today’s New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio highlights the themes of this sign: shared resources, sex, intimacy, money, power, renewal, elimination, mysteries, metaphysics, things of a hidden nature.  We will want to be setting our intentions around some of those themes now.

Scorpio is also a water sign, which governs our emotions. In complex Scorpio, we tend to feel things very deeply. It is also a sign that often finds us grappling with extreme scenarios / or opposing archetypes. On a metaphoric level, Scorpio is known for shining a bright light into our dark caves, giving us a chance to integrate the submerged or unconscious forces, with our conscious awareness.

Scorpio is additionally the sign of passion and our deepest desires. It is often only when we are living out our passions, doing what we truly enjoy, that we feel most alive and revitalized (transformed), when we genuinely sense or feel in sync with our life’s purpose. In many cases, too, the pathway that leads us to a more passionate, fulfilling lifestyle is only discovered after we have traversed through the “valley of (Scorpio) elimination,” removing from our lives whatever is blocking or hindering our authentic self-expression.

Too, often what needs to go on the chopping block first, before we can really come alive and grow in awareness of our self purpose, are other people’s expectations for us. Included here, would be the societal norms or dictates for our behavior, which can often significantly thwart our creativity and diminish our self-esteem.

Today’s New Moon Eclipse is not receiving any major planetary aspects to it. Perhaps this means that it is free to do its own “transformational thing” in our lives, without any interference.

Intellectual Mercury is also retrograde in unbridled Sagittarius, forming another exact square to foggy Neptune in Pisces (7:02 pm EST), the same aspect that we had during the last Full Moon in Taurus and the arrival of hurricane Sandy (Neptune). With Mercury-Neptune aligned, there is always the chance for some mental confusion, or missing information.

On a collective level, a top story in the news (Mercury) now is former CIA Director, David Petraeus, and his alleged extra-marital affair (Scorpio) with his female biographer, a scandalous (Neptune) matter that abruptly caused him to resign from his post as head of the CIA, an intelligence-gathering organization with an inherently secretive (Scorpionic) mission.

This whole story also, of course, unfolding in the days leading up to today’s potent Scorpio New Moon Eclipse, giving many of us a chance, perhaps, to also reflect upon the complicated nature of our own intimate desires (Scorpio), and how they can sometimes radically impact or shape our behavior – and not always in very flattering ways. Also, with the Eclipse today, the Petraeus sex scandal reportedly has widened to include more individuals, even the current U.S. NATO Commander in Afghanistan. Some are also reportedly already jokingly referring to the matter “as the curse of the commander’s job.” (Fox News).

“Someone told me the delightful story of the crusader who put a chastity belt on his wife and gave the key to his best friend for safekeeping, in case of his death. He had ridden only a few miles away when his friend, riding hard, caught up with him, saying ‘You gave me the wrong key!” Anais Nin.

New Moon in Scorpio activities: Purging, shedding whatever is outworn; surgical interventions, or removing whatever is decayed or malignant; emotional detoxification; psychotherapy; hypnotherapy; sex therapy; past-life regression; séances; mining; searching for buried treasure; archeological digs; past-life regression; séances; handling estate matters, or affairs of the dead; dealing with taxes, credit, or debt issues; studying psychology, metaphysics, astral travel.

Happy Eclipse blessings to you!

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