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The Moon’s foray into practical, earthy Taurus (9:36 am EST) makes today an excellent day to attend to money and possession matters. The Moon is considered to be exalted when it is in Taurus, a sign that is ruled by sweet Venus. Too, the Moon is making its monthly conjunction with fortuitous Jupiter (11:38 am EST) helping to put us in a more positive, generous frame of mind. Moon-Jupiter is often a very expansive influence that can align us with fresh opportunities.

Later, the Moon’s trine to transforming Pluto (10:39 pm EST) serves to heighten our emotions and passions. This is also a very good time to de-clutter, if we are so inclined. Too, when we rid ourselves of what is outworn or no longer needed, this allows for new pleasures and experiences to come into our lives.

“Clutter-clearing is modern-day alchemy.” Denise Linn

Famous People with Moon conjunct Jupiter: Prince William, Venus Williams, Merv Griffin, Bob Dylan

Today’s Affirmation:  Today is full of joy and abundance.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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