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The Moon sticks around for another day in “progressive” Aquarius, ideally poising us to be more accepting of change and also more detached with our emotions. She is also getting friendly backup by relationship Venus and thinker Mercury. Both of these planetary bodies are now situated in exploratory, truth-seeking Sagittarius, and both are exactly trine to innovative Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius.

When Venus and Uranus are aligned, we generally tend to be more free-spirited in our love or social lives, which can often translate into a desire to engage in exciting or thrilling new pastimes or adventures. Sometimes, too, we are more tempted to defy or ignore the rules of convention, with this influence, especially as they pertain to our romantic or social behavior, as Uranus governs the urge for freedom and individuality.

Too, on Venus-Uranus days, we often find issues concerning gay rights or sexual equality coming to the forefront of the collective. Fascinatingly, the late actress, Elizabeth Taylor, was also born on a day when Venus and Uranus were exactly conjunct in pioneering Aries and we all know about her tireless and heroic efforts for AIDS and equality issues, especially the latter portion of her life. She also had a striking, electrifying (Uranus) appearance and Venus affects one’s physical beauty and fashion. Accordingly, it might be a fun day for us to spice up our appearance or wardrobe in novel ways. BTW, the late Johnny Cash, also had the same Venus-Uranus conjunction and he always dressed in black to distinguish himself.

The Mercury trine Uranus aspect today is also helpful in connecting us with our inner genius or brilliance. It naturally primes us to think “outside of the box.” It can also facilitate our intuition, which Uranus governs, paving the way for sudden breakthroughs and plenty of “aha moments.” With Uranus additionally ruling technology it may be a good day to purchase new electronic gadgets or for figuring out matters of a technical nature.

Mercury also rules communication and deposited in articulate, idealistic Sadge, this may be a perfect time to sound off with a letter to the editor, or for airing our views or vision for the world in general. Sagittarius also rules politics and things seem to really be heating up now, in that arena, esp. on a Presidential campaign level in the U.S., with prior sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain coming to light with the Venus (in sexual Scorpio) square Neptune aspect, at the start of the week. Neptune’s nebulous ray is often involved in scandals and smear campaigns.

Also today, the Aquarius Moon is making a positive trine to stabilizing Saturn in partnership Libra (1:06 pm EDT), the sign of the public. This influence can help to steady our relationships. It’s also a good time to roll out public relations campaigns or for trying diplomatic gestures.

“To say nothing, especially when speaking, is half the art of diplomacy. “ Will Durant

In the News: The G-20 economic summit kicks off today in Cannes, France, bringing together leaders from around the world, including President Obama from the U.S. and President Sarkozy of France. Interestingly, Venus rules money and finance, and Mercury governs meetings, and both are now newly deposited in Sagittarius, a sign associated with foreign travel and international dealings. Too, with Venus and Mercury both trine to brilliant Uranus, and the Moon in clear-thinking, strategizing Aquarius, perhaps some forward-thinking progress will be made on world economic issues. We can at least hope, that this will be the case. Of course, regarding our own personal money management, we may also want to institute some new moves or strategies today. Maybe also ferret out new ways to make money.

Financial News Update: NYTimes.com is reporting today (12:46 pm EDT) that the Greek Prime Minister is calling off the referendum on the Euro Bailout Plan, which likely will be a stabilizing factor for financial markets. Interesting that this news item is being reported, too, with the Moon’s harmonious trine to Saturn, which can again serve to steady things.

Entertainment News: Simon Cowell announced on the X-Factor last night that the program had been picked up for another season, much to his delight, especially since the show is, reportedly, his own brainchild. When the X-Factor debuted in the U.S. on Sept. 21st, adventurous Mars was at 2 degrees of entertainment Leo and exactly trine to Uranus in Aries, an excellent influence for a show trying to discover very original (Uranus) talent (Leo). Also, Simon’s announcement last night came with Mercury (rules news and announcements) and Venus (governs artists and performers) in Sagittarius and both exactly trining Uranus once again. Also, with both of these planets creating a very propitious grand trine with Mars and Uranus in the natal X-Factor horoscope. As an astrologer, it is always so fascinating to see how the cycles play out and to watch things come full circle.

Do you watch the X-Factor? Do you have a favorite artist on the show? I think Drew is my favorite, although all the performers are extremely talented. It would be fun to know all of their birth times and take a look at each of their natal horoscopes. I would also like to see L.A. Reid‘s chart, he is so dynamic and cool. I love watching his physical expressions on the show when he really gets immersed in the performances.

Enjoy your Thursday!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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