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Although the Moon is in “keeping it real” Capricorn, that influence could be considerably muted today, as relationship Venus, in steamy Scorpio, is making a devilish square to fantasy Neptune. Neptune presides over our urge for escape. Also, our need to glamorize reality. It also rules deception and trickery. With Venus-Neptune, we often have a blind spot to the weaknesses of others. We are also more inclined to not hold others accountable for their misdeeds or transgressions, maybe because we want so much to believe the myth or fairy tale aspects about them that we have concocted in our own minds. Too, Venus-Neptune can incite our compassion, which can also serve to make us more vulnerable. We can also be attracted to types that “need rescuing” with this aspect. Romantic relationships that originate under this influence may need to stand the test of time before making a full-fledge commitment.

Also sometimes, on the shadow side, Venus-Neptune can manifest as becoming attracted to persons that have addiction issues, with Neptune governing addiction. We can also literally become “addicted to love,” or at least mentally addicted to the idea of being in love, in which case we think about, or fantasize about, being in love all the time. Or, we can fall for individuals who are not free, or who are on an entirely different wavelength than us.

Additionally, Venus-Neptune can put artists, actors, musicians, and poets on our path (all Neptune ruled types). Optimally, this influence can also accentuate our own creativity, as Venus can denote our talents and gifts and Neptune rules our powers of imagination. Too, with it being Halloween, Venus-Neptune may also be very inspiring for imaginative costume-design, as Venus rules beauty and fashion.

One more thing. We may want to be more prudent or cautious with our money today, as Venus also rules money and possessions. It is probably not a good time to make major investments or purchases, as Neptune often conceals elements from us, or distorts or misrepresents matters. Also, likely not a good day for mixing love and money.

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” Henry David Thoreau

Famous People with Venus square Neptune:  Loni Anderson, Pamela Anderson, Charles Dickens, Stevie Nicks.

Do you have Venus aligned with Neptune in your horoscope? If so, how do you think that plays out for you in your life? Also, if you have Neptune in your 5th house of romance, or 7th house of partnerships, you have an equivalent type influence.

Financial News Update: wsj.com is reporting that Japanese officials intervened, late yesterday, to weaken the yen as a way to help that country’s exports and to curb deflation. Thought this news story was rather fascinating with Venus ruling money and Neptune, the planet known as the “Great Dissolver,” traditionally having a dissolving or disintegrating affect on matters. In this case, dilluting the yen? Stock markets are also lower today around the world. Venus-Neptune often translates into financial fears, with Neptune again exerting an undermining influence.

Enjoy your Monday. Happy Halloween!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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