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The first half of the day, the Moon finishes up her monthly stay in starry-eyed Sagittarius, where we are still, no doubt, eager to impart vestiges of our sacred vision of the future to anyone that we can cleverly seduce to hold royal court with us. 🙂 The fact that we also have idealistic, dreamy Neptune in futuristic Aquarius joining us for that “sermon on the mount,” via the harmonious sextile aspect (9:30 am EDT), is most assuredly, an extra feather in our cap. This is also very nice energy for immersion into humanitarian causes, as Neptune governs our compassionate impulses, as well as our imagination and creativity. Too, the Sadge Moon naturally inclines us to want to make a positive or uplifting contribution to the collective, in some way.

Later, the Moon’s descent into pragmatic Capricorn (12:39 pm EDT), the Saturnian school of hard knocks, has us quickly exiting the cumulus stratosphere for the safety and security of the more grounded earth plane. The Capricorn Moon is always that time of the month when we are inclined to buckle down and get serious with our practical goals and intentions for ourselves. However, we will also initially need to be very flexible, maybe even innovative, as the Moon is squaring rebellious, non-conforming Uranus in spontaneous Aries (2:53 pm EDT), a time which can find us dealing with unexpected twists and turns.

Fortunately for us, though, the late evening hours are potentially very regenerative and healing, as the Moon forms a trine to fortuitous Jupiter in financial Taurus (9:19 pm EDT) and a conjunction with transforming Pluto in worldly Capricorn (9:58 pm EDT). Too, we still do have expansive Jupiter in a trine aspect with Pluto (this was exact on Friday), so tonight’s energies help us to tap into that magical configuration once again. This may particularly be an advantageous evening for plotting career or business moves that are revitalizing.

“To work for the common good is the greatest creed.” Albert Schweitzer

Are you satisfied with your work or career path? Does it give you a sense of fulfillment? What is often fun to do with a natal chart is see how a person’s Sun is aspected. The Sun symbolizes our ego and power source and often the closest aspects to it seem to shed light on our special “mission in life.” In my chart, for example, I have the Sun exactly sextile Uranus which rules, among other things, astrology. I also have a tight square to probing Pluto and I majored in psychology in college, a subject which Pluto governs. I have always been deeply fascinated with human behavior. I have often thought, too, I would have made a great detective, as I have Mars, ruling law enforcement, in my career house and a Martian-ruled Aries rising. Of course, in a way, I am a “cosmic detective,”  attempting to uncover the celestial influences surreptitiously at play in our lives.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Patrice “Clouseau” Thompson

Copyright 2011

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