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There’s a willingness to tackle difficult issues this morning with the intellectual Gemini Moon’s harmonious trine to disciplined Saturn in relationship Libra (11:36 am EDT). This aspect supports team efforts, diplomacy, and is excellent for seeking out wise counsel. On the whole, Moon-Saturn tends to stabilize our affairs as Saturn symbolizes the urge for security.

“The only real security that a man can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability.” Henry Ford

Famous Birthdays: Mick Jagger turns 68 today! In his natal horoscope, Mick has abundant Jupiter ( talent and gifts) exactly conjunct transforming Pluto in theatrical Leo. Jupiter-Pluto suggests a plethora of talent especially in creative Leo. Pluto also rules the masses and his music and stage performances have rendered him an iconic figure.

Too, Pluto governs one’s personal sense of destiny and when it’s ray is activated in our charts we tend to feel that we have a “special mission to perform.” This is the case even with transits of Pluto to important points in our charts. Of course, Mick must surely feel that it was his “destiny” to be a rock star, don’t you think? He also has his Sun, Mercury and Mars near his Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, a powerful stellium in “performer Leo.”

Do you feel that you are living out your “true destiny?”

“Lose your dreams and you might lose your mind.” Mick Jagger

Enjoy your Tuesday! Happy birthday, Mick! We love you!

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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