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“Eventually you can get into the nuts and bolts of reality: nurturing, caring, and getting along.” Jody Watley

Love Goddess Venus enters self-protective, security-conscious, “Cancer the Crab,” the sign of home and family today. She will stay in Cancer until July 28th. Venus in Cancer inspires our deeper nurturing and caring impulses, and also heightens our desire for nesting and privacy.

Venus is also trine idealistic Neptune, in tender-hearted Pisces, making us extra forgiving, as well as more “fantasy-prone” in romance. This is a highly creative aspect that is excellent for any activity that calls for the full employment of our imagination. Many artists, musicians, writers, film-makers, and dancers will often have Venus-Neptune aspects prominent in their horoscopes, including the late Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish “fairy tale writer,” famous for his children’s stories.  Too, Venus trine Neptune is a classic aspect of “fairy tale romance,” so there’s a nice, synchronistic tie-in here.

We addtionally have intellectual Mercury in dramatic Leo making a fortuitous trine with brilliant Uranus in adventurous Aries. Uranus governs genius and intuition, so it’s possible that today will provide fertile ground for a plethora of “aha moments” to occur.

The Moon will also be in theatrical, glamorous Leo all day, favorable for parades and other “Fun Fourth” celebrations. Later tonight, she will shift into immaculate, attentive Virgo (9:16 pm EDT) to tidy everything up.

Famous people with Venus in Cancer: Meryl Streep, Clint Eastwood, Cameron Diaz, Lena Horne, Martin Sheen.

Happy Fourth of July!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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