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“A young man without ambition is an old man waiting to be.” Steven Brust

The Moon’s entrance into professionally ambitious Capricorn (1:59 am EDT) bolds well for a comeback for “Dull Boy Jack” today. 🙂 The practical Capricorn Moon phase is generally a time when we become more serious and disciplined about our work and wanting to get ahead. We attempt to maximize our resources and look for ways to increase our efficiency.

There are three potential lunar hot spots to watch out for, however, as the Cardinal T-Square is being temporarily activated today, and that can make us feel more internal pressure or restlessness (too we are still coming off of the high-energy Eclipse energy from yesterday) :

Moon square “rebel” Uranus (9:36 am EDT), when we are duly advised not to replicate Johnny Paycheck’s mighty effort (sang Take This Job And Shove It), unless we have a sure backup plan. Moon conjunct “despot” Pluto (1:23 pm EDT) at which time we might possibly consider launching a coup d’etat in the boss’ office, although again, this impulsive strategy could backfire on us, especially on pay day, when there is no one around to sign our paltry check. Moon square “denying” Saturn in conjugal Libra (8:24 pm EDT) when it is strongly suggested that we try not to indiscretely mix our love and work interests.

Again, the Cardinal-T Square activation does not have to be bad, it can be a highly creative period when we are challenged to perform at our best level. For instance, singer Elvis Presley, a Capricorn Sun, was born with a Cardinal T-Square in his chart and he did pretty good for himself. Most people on the planet have heard of Elvis and have listened to his music.

The main thing today is to stay focused, organized, and on task with what it is that we want to accomplish. The best way to do this, too, is to write down our objectives on paper, beforehand, and then hold ourselves accountable for completing them at the end of the day (“reality based” Saturn-type behavior – Saturn rules Capricorn).

Mental Mercury is also shifting from “chatty” Gemini to “let’s make some Hallmark Card memories” Cancer (3:09 pm EDT). With Mercury in sentimental, familial Cancer our emotions filter more into our thinking and there is greater sensitivity to what’s being said and also what’s not being said. It’s a more psychic or intuitive placement, although it can make us somewhat moodier (Cancer the Crab).

News Update: With the activation of the Cardinal-T-Cross today (which often necessitates our taking action on important issues), and on the heels of yesterday’s eclipse, it is being reported that Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is poised to resign today from his post in the U.S. Congress, in the aftermath of the “sexting” scandal. I have not personally looked at his horoscope, but understand that he is a Virgo Sun. Often times with eclipses, especially solar eclipses (which we had June 1st and will have again on July 1st) we have public figures “falling from power” (an eclipsing of position).

Too, we just had Karma Lord Saturn turn direct last week in congressional Libra, which can be a “payback time” for our past efforts, good or bad. I personally wish Weiner well and hope he is able to get his life back on track for himself, and for his family, in the future. We all make mistakes.

Weiner Press Conference Update: Anthony Weiner reportedly entered a press conference room this afternoon at 2:21 pm EDT to formally announce his resignation from office. Fascinatingly, Karma Lord Saturn in Libra was conjunct the 12 degree Libra Ascendant then, indicating the more serious nature of the event (at least for Weiner). The Ascendant reveals the “current atmosphere or conditions.” Saturn is linked with karma because it is the planet associated with accountability.

Too, the Capricorn Moon was in the third house of communication (fitting placement for a press conference) and separating from an exact conjunction with intense, purging Pluto which governs death and rebirth, and the conference was dramatic and a “death” of sorts for the congressman, as he was resigning from his prestigious position in which he wielded formidable power (Pluto). There was also some loud heckling going on in the background as Weiner spoke at the press conference. Pluto can often bring about vociferous, heated opposition (the hecklers actually tried to hijack the press conference and did a pretty good job of it, similar to the coup d’etat I wrote about in my horoscope today).

Interestingly, Pluto is also linked with sexual issues and or transgressions. Also obsessive-compulsive behavior. Reportedly, too, included in the heckling were some derogatory remarks of a sexual nature.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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