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“Seduction is always more singular and sublime than sex and it commands the higher price.” Jean Baudrillard

The Moon continues in “grounded” Capricorn urging us to apply “common sense” to our feelings and emotions. Although, the Moon’s monthly conjunction to “controlling” Pluto (11:49 am EDT) could pose a few challenges for us if we venture outside of our boundaries and try to exert too much pressure or influence on others.

This is an excellent “purge” aspect, though, so venting could be a good thing now, if done in a mindful fashion that does not unduly alienate or involve mud-slinging or the re-opening of old, hurtful wounds. Pluto is associated with the subconscious and under its activated ray, things buried deep inside of us tend to rise to the surface for review.

Also, it’s a great time to recycle or declutter on the home front or at the office. Perhaps one of the premier times of the month to do so. On the other hand, treasure-hunters may want to do some antiquing, as Moon-Pluto can be favorable for unearthing “rare jewels.”

Connection queen Venus also forms a tense, 135-degree aspect to “withholding” Saturn in partnership Libra (5:04 pm EDT).  We may feel a little more cut off or blocked in expressing our feelings. Saturn sometimes coincides with giving a voice to our fears.

However, this low feeling may not linger too long, as we also have love maven Venus conjuncting magical Neptune (9:40 pm EDT), a time when we are more inclined to “idealize love.” Putting our lover on a pedestal or making great “sacrifices” for the sake of love, may be part of our mindset now, as Venus-Neptune can be a very seductive, alluring influence. We do need to be mindful of the fact, though, that “all that glitters” may not be gold. Because, on the shadow side, “spell-binding” Venus-Neptune can be deceptive. We are also more emotionally vulnerable now.

Also, new people that come into our lives may be on a “different wavelength” from us. This influence has been known to produce some rather “odd pairings.”

Too, with Neptune symbolizing our link to the divine, Venus-Neptune, at the highest levels, can equate to “selfless love,” or an ability for demonstrating deep compassion and sensitivity with others. Therefore, it’s an excellent time to do charitable work or to dole out good deeds. It is also a very creative influence, perfect for any artistic renderings or performances, including dancing, as Neptune rules the feet.

Venus also moves into Neptune-ruled Pisces tomorrow, so today is sort of a “test-run” for possible things to come. Venus stays in Pisces until April 21. (Refer to my Venus in Pisces blog post for more details.)

Famous Birthdays March 26th: Diana Ross (67), Sandra Day O’Connor (81), Bob Woodward (68)

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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