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“I have the true feeling of myself only when I am unbearably unhappy.” Franz Kafka


Love Goddess Venus conjuncts Restrictive, Subdued Saturn (1:24 pm EDT) in relationship Libra. Part of the dramatic, historic “Cardinal Cross” adventure playing out in the heavens. This is the first match-up in this sign between these two planets since October of 1982, nearly thirty years ago.

With Venus-Saturn, our hearts may feel heavier. However, more depth is also possible in our relationships.  There may also be the desire to “push for more commitment,” as security issues tend to loom larger.

Venus-Saturn can additionally deliver “soul mates” to us. Saturn is known as “The Lord of Karma.”

On the other hand, there’s a chance with this same aspect, for more “distance” to come between us, too, in our interpersonal relationships, as we may poignantly become aware of our sharp differences with others and unsure of our ability to resolve them. We may also just want to let some ties end now.  Venus-Saturn is often synonymous with pruning.

Some people, too, may simply leave our lives now because they’re no longer suppose to be there. The karmic assignment we had with them is finished, kaput. People and relationships, we all have “expiration dates.”

Later in the day, with the Moon’s exit out of maudlin Cancer and entry into warm, entertaining Leo (7:23 pm EDT) the “heavier” emotional energy is more dissipated, and our spirits are more animated. Still some drama could erupt, though, as Leo is very good on the stage.

“Venus conjunct Saturn

We’re feeling lonely and blue

and, oh, so unpopular.

We’re wondering, too, if maybe the TV commercials are right after all: That whiter teeth and fresher breath could save the day for us, romantically. But which brand of whitening toothpaste to buy?  That is the monumental question, isn’t it? And, should we stick with regular Listerine or try their newer, purple-colored option? And, is it okay to use both and maybe mix them up? Have you personally tried mixing them together? And, if so, what color did you get?

I wonder, too, if certain mouthwashes are more popular with certain kinds of people?  Do aging hippies, for instance, prefer the purple Listerine because it reminds them of their psychedelic youth?

I wonder what kind of mouthwash President Obama used to attract Michelle?  Or, Elvis, to attract Priscilla?

Too, maybe certain brands of mouthwash are better for certain astrological signs’ romantic prospects than others? For instance, the outgoing, energetic fire signs might score more with a louder, red-colored mouthwash, indicating more vibrancy. While the retiring water signs might fare better, romantically, going with the muted pastels, denoting receptivity.

Venus and Saturn also symbolizes “father figures” and “May-December,” romances, which could also blossom today around the globe for a goodly number of people. Fondly reminiscent, too, of “Elvis and Priscilla.” Remember Priscilla’s beehive hairdo? I wonder how many bees Priscilla was able to fit in there?

As you may already know, Graceland and Memphis are getting ready to prepare for “Elvis Week,” this week, August 10th-16th, in Elvis’s “75th birthday” year. The annual event reportedly draws 30,000 to 40,000 people from around the world to Memphis. I recently read that, later in life, Elvis, a Capricorn, was very interested in astrology. He also had his Moon in mystical Pisces in the third house of the mind and was into meditation and fascinated with Eastern philosophy.

I also sort of wonder, as Elvis got involved in these things, later on, did he gravitate more towards pastel color mouthwashes in his life then, since he was activating the more receptive, Pisces side of his nature? Being an earthy Capricorn, his natural impulses would be to select mouthwashes comprised of the earth tones: browns and greens.

Famous August 8th Leo Birthdays: Roger Federer (29), Dustin Hoffman (73)

Enjoy your Sunday!

I hope you’re not lonesome tonight. Sometimes a little vacuuming can help, though, if you are, especially since we have the homey Cancer Moon. You might want to try vacuuming in two or three rooms and see if you feel any better. It’s about creating better feng shui, vacuuming up the dirty energy and putting it tortuously into the vacuum bag.  Just make sure that the debased energy cannot escape from the bag, at which point lonesome feelings could return with a vengence.

I also find that when you vacuum upright, with the upright version, versus stooping down, with the old canister kind, it’s more effective for dispelling loneliness. Especially if you close the blinds first, allowing for more of a sense of raw intimacy between you and the vacuum.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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