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“You never lose by loving, you always lose by holding back.”  Barbra De Angelis


Moon continues in Nesting Cancer.

But far from a typical day on the cozy homefront.

We’re still in the clutches of “Venus opposite Uranus,” an electrifying aspect of “sudden love,” or “sudden infatuation,” with shadings to it of the rebellious sixties and the corresponding hippie counterculture, that was inspired, in large part, by Uranus.

This opposition aspect is part of the ongoing, very powerful, “Cardinal Cross” aspect, raging unattended in the sky now. This energy is a big game-changer, in many ways, and not just for the present period. Its legacy will play out for a long time to come, as individuals incarnating to Earth now will also be “locked in” with this type of highly-charged, “change-oriented” energy burning inside of them.

“Elvis Presley,” a Capricorn, comes to mind here as someone who was born with a rare “Cardinal Square,” (if you also count a wider orb for his Mars aspects), involving some of the same planets as today, including Uranus in Aries.  We know how he single-handedly managed to “change the world of music” and impact the world. “Uranus,” which is associated with “genius,” was in Elvis’s fifth house of talent.

Also, getting back specifically to Venus-Uranus: For those faithful horoscope readers with short-term memories, Venus again rules “love” and “relationships,” while Uranus, as we just mentioned, rules “change” and “innovation,” and intrinsically acts in ways that are “non-conforming” and revolutionizing.

Get these two energies together, and also throw in today’s sentimental Cancer Moon, with its deep fondness for living in the past (even though we also have a potent”change influence” occurring now), and we have all the ingredients for a serious “hippie meet-up and revival,” which is exactly what is playing out downstairs in our study.

Romantic Matchmaker, Venus in Libra, with her dizzying penchant and fondness for party-planning, has orchestrated for this evening, along with Uranus, a psychedelic “love-in” for aging hippies, released cautiously for a Saturday night out (with certain restrictions), from the Shady Tree Retirement Home down the road.

Venus and Uranus already have batches of those “funny-tasting brownies” baking in the oven. Their weird, odorous aroma, making us “slightly hallucinatory” at this time.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” Joseph Campbell

Famous August 7th Leo Birthdays: David Duchovny (50), Garrison Keillor (68)

Enjoy your Saturday!

Peace and love!

I’ll try to make it back by on Sunday for another horoscope round.  Not sure now, though, whether I can. It all sort of depends on whether George Clooney “comes a callin” at my door Saturday night. Hope springs eternal.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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