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“Pure love and suspicion cannot dwell together: at the door where the latter enters, the former makes its exit.” Alexandre Dumas Pere


New Moon In “Sunny, Leadership” Leo, the sign of the proud Lion (at 11:09 pm EDT), endows us with more of a sense of our own personal power and authority. We are feeling more self-confident and magnanimous, as well as self-expressive and creative.

New Moons symbolize new beginnings and, correspondingly, they are times when we want to go ahead and set our new intentions for the month. So for the next two weeks, while the Exuberant Leo Moon is in its energetic waxing phase, we should be busy initiating new projects that utilize and showcase our shining, Leonine leadership abilities, as well as display our special, unique talents and gifts.

Glamorous Leo also likes to party hearty and entertain. Get those invitations to local celebs and dignitaries in the mail!

Speaking about partying, we also have merry “Party King” Jupiter in “Adventurous” Aries opposing “Party Queen” Venus, in “Let’s Fall in Love” Libra today. It can be a very romantic aspect, but also highly self-indulgent. As many of us know, too, sometimes too much of a good thing, can end up being a bad thing, so we need to try to cultivate some moderation here. That is, unless, of course, actor George Clooney is in the picture. At which time, wild abandon and excessive behavior are perfectly acceptable and wholly expected. Right, ladies?

The real “Biggie” from the Universe today, however, and into Tuesday, is the “High Drama” Venus square Pluto aspect. Remember the “Balloon Boy” incident last fall in the U.S., when many of us thought an adorable, inquisitive, little boy was perched inside a ridiculous, weird looking, silvery balloon, that looked like a primitive space ship, that was floating way above a rural countryside somewhere? I think it was in Colorado.  That was a “Venus-Pluto” day.

Then, most recently, we had the Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York scandal, in which she was reportedly trying to sell “access” to her ex-husband, Prince Edward. Another ‘Venus-Pluto” day. That was a very sad situation.

So we may want to keep a close eye on the news to see what kind of “soap opera” type drama might be playing out in the collective today.  Could even involve more “spies,” with Master Spy Agent Pluto, front and center.

Venus, the love principle, rules our desire for relationships and connections.  When it is aligned with “Manipulative, Control Freak” Pluto, our noble need for love can be subverted and debased in the worst way.  We can become jealous, obsessive, and controlling or become emotional victims of people who treat us in this manner.

Pluto characteristically acts with a lot of suspicion. With Venus-Pluto today: We’re actively looking for lipstick on the collar, whispered conversations, hang-up calls.  We’re driving by places of employment, to see if Joe or Helen really went to work.

Too, we already have the “going overboard,” Venus-Jupiter aspect, on the drawing board for today, which may make this Venus-Pluto influence even more potent and dramatic to handle.

Because I do also like to be positive here, on occasion, and not “all gloom and doom,” it should be mentioned that “Venus-Pluto” can be very regenerating and transforming. “New life” may be breathed into something earlier “left for dead”. Or we may also suddenly, sometimes through a course of events, have a fresh “internal awareness” or “consciousness” about the state of a relationship(s), that ends up being very transformational and positive for us. We could also meet people today with whom we have pivotal karmic issues to work out. Venus square Pluto is another one of those “”soulmate arrival” aspects.

Interestingly, Elvis Presley also had Venus opposite Pluto in his personal horoscope.  This aspect played out between his second and eighth houses, the houses that are associated with personal money and possessions (2nd house), and money shared and managed by others (8th house).

Elvis had that highly-publicized relationship with his Business Manager, Colonel Tom Parker, that was reportedly “very controlling,” with Parker at the “controlling end of it,” which would definitely fall under the parameters of the Venus-Pluto aspect. Especially since Pluto was in Elvis’ eighth house of other people’s money management.

How the Venus-Pluto aspect played out in his personal romantic relationships, of course, we don’t really know for sure. But he did passionately pursue Priscilla for many years apparently with a lot of intensity and most likely leveraged quite a bit of control over her. It could be, too, that he was, or became, personally controlling in relationships, in general, out of necessity, and as a response to his intense environment.  It seems like everyone wanted a “piece of Elvis,” wanted to “control him” in many ways, most likely for their own Plutonian gain.

Too, women, representing Venus here, were always throwing themselves at him in a highly suggestive, sexual way, and Pluto is very sexual, as co-ruler of Scorpio, the sex sign. So we do know how Venus-Pluto played out in that realm for Elvis. Plus, Venus rules creativity, singing, and music, and he had a transformational (or Plutonian) influence on the music industry.  His Venus-Pluto was also part of that “Grand Cardinal Cross” that I spoke about in my blog the other day.

Famous August 9th Leo Birthdays: Whitney Houston (47), Melanie Griffith (53)

Enjoy your Monday!

Be on the lookout for “high drama” with Venus-Pluto, Venus-Jupiter, and the colorful Leo Moon!

Patrice Thompson

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