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“To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” Thomas Edison (Aquarian)

The Moon ventures into innovative Aquarius (1:08 am EDT), shortly thereafter aligning with rebel Uranus in Aries.  We’re more inclined to want to break some rules today and stretch beyond our current limits.  Towing the status quo is of far less status and consequence to us now.  We want to change things up and make some waves.

Speaking of waves, it was thirty years ago today, June 1, 1980, that Ted Turner’s CNN (Cable News Network) hit the airwaves.

At the time of the debut, the Sun (the core of the enterprise) was in the newsaholic sign of Gemini (Gemini rules news reporting and information-gathering) and in an exact square to pioneering Mars in perceptive Virgo. Sun-Mars days typically usher in new beginnings. The Sun-Mars energy also gives a sense of urgency and adventure, along with a desire to want to go and be where the action (Mars) is. Mars rules the aggressive urge.

Gemini’s planetary ruler, Mercury, which governs speech and communication, was also exactly sextile to long-winded Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and expansion.  With Mercury-Jupiter, there would never be a loss for words or things to report on for CNN.  Jupiter oversizes everything it touches and connected to “Winged Messenger” Mercury it can yield the proverbial “diarrhea of the mouth,” hence the need for 24/7 news coverage.

When CNN launched, expansive Jupiter was in Virgo, along with Mars and Saturn.  Virgo is perfect for in-depth news analysis, as this sign is all about dissecting the facts and information that Gemini has collected.  The descriptive keyword for Virgo is “analysis.” In the physical body, Virgo rules the intestines, the part of the body that breaks down food particles so that they may be digested.

Practical, stabilizing Saturn was also in a supportive sextile to inventive Uranus in transforming Scorpio.  Uranus rules television broadcasting.  Saturn here provided firm footing for the new Uranian venture. You always want to have positive Saturn aspects, as Saturn gives longevity and worldly success.

Additionally, Saturn was exactly square to Neptune in Sagittarius, the sign of long-distance travel and faraway lands.  Neptune rules images and television cameras. CNN became a pioneering platform for broadcasting news images from around the world.

From the beginning, CNN also helped build and fostered a sense of Neptunian oneness.  Neptune is all about dissolving the borders that separate us, both personally and collectively. With CNN, we were finally able to see and hear about what was going on around the world and I think that made us feel more connected in our humanity.

Happy Birthday to you, CNN! We are so glad for your success and we appreciate all that you have done for the world in the way of stellar news coverage. (Also a big shout out to that really cute, Gemini reporter, Anderson Cooper.)

Other June 1st Gemini Birthdays: Marilyn Monroe and Andy Griffith (born on the very same day).

Enjoy your Tuesday. Make some exciting news of your own today.

Written by Patricia “Patrice” Thompson

Copyright 2010

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